CSR Committee Organization Construction

To properly outline the scope of corporate social responsibilities (CSR), Compal has senior managers leading the CSR Committee in the establishment of sustainable goals, CSR strategies, guidelines, and execution plans. The Company even has a CSRO and core team at each plant site to oversee execution of CSR actions.

CSR Committee

The Board of Directors assigns senior management personnel to serve as the commissioner, and the committee members are the highest heads of relevant departments assigned by the commissioner. The committee consists of Department of Business Management, R&D Human Resources Team, Manufacturing, Procurement Center, Human Resources and Administration, Accounting Group, Green Action Team, Information Security Management Team, Legal Affairs Office, and Auditing Office, etc. The Executive Vice President (EVP) serves as the commissioner and leads committee members in fulfilling their duties. To outside parties, the EVP advocates Compal's CSR policies and principles; to insiders, the EVP defines goals and directions of the Company's CSR efforts and integrates resources to review, execute, and monitor action plans. The EVP is also responsible for maintaining communication with stakeholders and responding proactively to expectations, criticism, and suggestions from all parties.

CSR Office (CSRO)

The office is responsible for planning and promoting various activities related to CSR, releasing relevant information to the internal and external audience, preparing annual reports, and reporting to the CSR Committee. Also assists various core teams in the execution of CSR actions, and responds to stakeholders' concerns about CSR issues.

CSR Executive Core Teams

The Taiwan Headquarters and every plant site have been appointed dedicated officers to manage issues concerning labor, ethics, environmental safety and health, and supply chain. These officers supervise the implementation of Compal's CSR plans and are committed to ensuring compliance with the principles of labor, ethics, environment, safety and health, and management system layout by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).

Compal CSR Commitment

Since the environmental change in the recent 20 years has increased, the way to adjust the trend and to accomplish CSR and corporate sustainability at the same time is the goal we strive to achieve. Besides business operation, it is our responsibility to care for the environment and society, and thus fulfill the Company’s social responsibility. We have carefully measured our core competence and taken the three CSR listed below as our commitment to implement CSR in Compal.