Apart from its main businesses, giving back to society has been a mission of Compal. To encourage our employees to get involved in the community, we launched the "all for public welfare" campaign, encouraging our employees to participate in public services during their leisure time. This concept of volunteer service has also been extended to the colleges, encouraging the highly educated college students to serve the society with their professional skills. 

Compal Volunteer Club

The founding purpose of this club is to accompany and help children develop the habit of reading good books. In 2017, 123 Compal volunteers were mobilized to provide service for 76 children at Bali Ai-Hsin Home and assist the Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity Foundation in the counseling of 172 disadvantaged children and children of new immigrants at Shanghu, Shakeng and Dabo Elementary Schools in Taoyuan. It also helped the Company and the foundation to hold a presentation of the big charity event, providing service for about 1,750 disadvantaged children. The performance of 2017 is shown in the chart on the right.

College Volunteers

Compal has been working with college clubs and students since 2007 to contribute to the learning of disadvantaged children in remotely located schools and under-funded communities by accompanying them in reading and after-school tuition. 16 clubs and 279 volunteers participated in 2017. $NTD 530,000 were put in and 1,550 students were helped. Up till 2017, 151 clubs and 3,611 volunteers have participated. A budget of $NTD 5,460,849 has been put in and 11,365 students have been helped.
Volunteer Training
The foundation has been organizing training courses to help improve volunteers’ expression skills, course design skills, and observational skills to identify children in need of psychological assistance when accompanying them in their reading. In 2017, Compal Volunteer Club organized a series of "Art Therapy Beginners Workshop" in March, June, and October; the workshop taught participants to use illustrated stories, art, and creative activities to assist in children's mental development. Meanwhile, volunteer clubs from Kinpo and Cal-Comp held their volunteer training courses in March, June, September, and December.