Corporate Environmental Education

Compal encourages employees to care for the land we live in and find ways to "co-exist" with the environment. Through physical participation, we hope to make employees appreciate the wonders of the green and sustainable environment, and reflect these values through action at work and in life.
This is the reason that the Company has incorporated green experience activities into its environmental education and employees' training. Some of the activities organized in pass years included: a trip to Nan-
Aou Natural Farm, tasting of Pinglin organic tea, crab preservation at Kenting, a trip to the organic farm, and International Coastal Cleanup. Not only were these activities deeply meaningful in their educational implications, they also provided an opportunity for employees to teach their children about nature and preservation, and grow respect to our one and only Earth.
Supplier Greenhouse Gas Management Program
Compal sees suppliers as critical business partners and hopes to build long-term and stable supply chains through cooperation. In addition to supplier assessments, Compal also requires suppliers to devote their efforts to environmental protection.
We initiated the supplier of greenhouse gas management in 2016. The purpose of this program is to investigate how suppliers have adapted to the world of increasing greenhouse gases, shortened water resources, and climate change, as well as how well they have implemented responsive measures. Through periodic tracking, communication, experience sharing and information updates, we hope to stimulate learning among suppliers and create a green supply chain that can withstand changes in the natural environment.

Supply chain cooperation, working together for the environment 
In order to promote supply chain cooperation and respond to the vision of serving the earth, Compal participated in Acer's "Acer Earth Project" to recycle used batteries and waste 3C activities in 2020 and held 2 recycling events in Taipei. A total of 213 colleagues took part in the recycling of 997.4kg of waste 3C products, and all the proceeds were donated by Acer to the Orphan Welfare Foundation to help these children stay away from poverty and loneliness.




Compal attaches great importance to environmental sustainability. In 2020, with Environmental Information Center, Lite-On Technology, Advantech, Poseidon Global and Commonwealth Magazine to hold a circular economy enterprise joint beach cleaning, Sustain the natural environment of earth, and responding to the 14th "Life below Water" of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations as the main approach for implementation. 320 environmental volunteers from various major companies cleaned up 1,705 kilograms of marine debris at Linkou Jiabao Beach. (

In 2021, Compal once again conducted corporate beach cleaning activities with Gigabyte Technology and Lite-On Technology. On the Worry-Free Valley Coast of Keelung City, a total of 300 business partners collected 1237.4 kilograms of trash.

Hearing the forest Singing- Million Forest tree planting
In April 2011 and May, there were two tree planting activities. The 5000 trees were planted by Compal's employees and could absorb more than 3800 metric tons of carbon dioxide in 100 years. We all believe that we can bring hope and vitality to the earth and hear the forest singing.

Help mother crab cross the road - Kenting Crab Conservation Volunteer Corps 
It was the crab spawning season in summer, the mother of the crabs crossed the road to the coast to release eggs. But many of the mother crabs died before they can close to the coast because of the traffic on the road. 
In 2011, Compal volunteer to solve this problem, we have donated 80 LED headlights and hold some activities for helping these crabs biennially. we also handling the Kenting crabs conference with 3M Company, we'd like to arouse the public's attention and hope the public that can remember to drive slowly and be careful of the crossing mother crabs.

Tea drinking and Reservoir Protection - Ping Lin organic tea garden cultivation experience
We start our green actions with the slogan "Green winning, peaceful living!" and to promote “Good tea, Good water, and Good deed" and to save these organic tea garden.
The way is that we provide adequate funds to farmers to buy organic manure and let they pass the transition period of lower income in the first 3 years. When the farmers have our support and bring home the bacon for the basic cost of living, they can continue to focus on the organic tea garden.

You are the benefactor of our land - Yilan Nan'ao field adoption experience.
We had adopted the field in Yilan Nan'ao, where have natural farmland and many small-holder farmers who produce the organic natural farming crop. Our goals are the natural ecological environment and Atayal culture protecting.
The campaign is also filed by TVBS channel ”一步一腳印發現新台灣”, we want more people to join us and support it.

Carbon neutralization green market and environmental education milestone in Neihu Technology Park - organic &energy conservation l promotion activities
Seven large enterprises such as Compal, Chi Mei Trading, Sitronix electronics, Infinno electronics, CCI, Far Eastone Telecommunications, LCFC, have jointly held the campaign and invited 248 agricultural markets, Commonwealth Publishing Co., Ltd, LEEZEN company Ltd., Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation and B&Q HOLA to join it. There are hundreds of green and environmental books on the scene, providing lots of health free organic food. There are also many professionals introduce energy saving and environmental protection products. We also invite farmers to use drifting wood to make tablespoons, forks, and plates. At noon, an award and answer event is been held.  More than 1500 organic desserts, tree seedlings, flashlights and small night lights for the communities and people to buy or take home. 
The activities of the activities are low carbon measures, approved by the EPA "environmental low carbon activity" mark, and through the Carbon Footprint international organization to buy African Kenya (Kenya) afforestation carbon rights, for carbon neutralization activities, such as electricity and other carbon emissions.

Green Community - Compal green living&health club
In order to mobilize the green and living atmosphere of the working life of the colleagues, we have gathered the green knowledge and establish the " Compal green living&health” club, hoping to make a trigger for caring our environment and make actions for green life. 


Updated on September 13, 2021