Support Local Agriculture
The “Eco-friendly Agriculture” farming method takes water and soil resources, ecological environment, and biodiversity into consideration. Land with this farming method can not only be used for farming, but also for the experience of being and life. Yet it needs more maintenance since it is easier to encounter the challenge of natural disasters and pest damage.
We invited Ru-men Yang, who was farming in Jingshan under contract to promote his ideas and fresh rice in 2017. We also continued to support Liming Xiangyang Welfare House leading people with disabilities to do farming, stock farming, and gardening in the non-polluted nature environment in Hualien. We asked employees to purchase gift boxes on holidays and let the farmers sell products on-site regularly to support eco-friendly agriculture and help promotion.



Maintain the Urban ecological island- Compal Park
With dense buildings in the Neihu Science Park, the structure of the concrete buildings and the asphalt roads tends to bring the Urban Heat Island Effect. Therefore, Compal adopted the 2nd Zhouzi eco-friendly park since 1996, and we named it the “Compal Park”. We also constructed a green hanging garden on the 8th floor of the Compal building, hoping to soothe the Urban Heat Island Effect within limited space and to reduce the temperature around in the summer. It could also reduce the electricity use of the building, increase the permeability and decrease the surface runoff when it’s storming, purify the air, serve as a green recreation place, and build a stepping stone for creatures. With our intent management and maintenance, the Compal Park has always been listed in the front in the audit of the Taipei Air Quality Purification Area these years.

Green Experience Activity

Compal encourages employees to care for the land we live in and find ways to "co-exist" with the environment. Through physical participation, we hope to make employees appreciate the wonders of a green and sustainable environment, and reflect these values through action at work and in life. As a result, we brought the enterprise environmental education into the employees’ training and green experience activity. We held educational activities of knowing and promoting sustainable seafood, organic contracted agriculture, visiting the NTU museum to learn about the immigration culture of Taiwan and the ferns, visiting the north coast to learn about the algae reef and coral reef, visiting the Guandu Natural Park to learn about natural ecology, and hand-making eco-friendly hand-made soap and desserts with current seasonal fruits. We also encouraged employees to bring their children along to cultivate green values and an environmentally ethical concept from a young age. At the same time arousing employees’ respect and love for nature, learning how to be a more competent keeper of the Earth.