Corporate Governance & Board of Directors


Compal's Management Team
Compal's management team consists of elite industry professionals with extensive experience. Driven by integrity and accountability, they constantly explore areas of improvement from a technical as well as a managerial perspective and embrace challenges with wisdom in order to satisfy stakeholders' expectations.
Global Operations
The headquarters of Compal is located in Neihu District in Taipei. It is the hub of sales, purchasing, finance, accounting and administration. We have plants in Pingzhen in Taiwan, Kunshan, Nanjing, Chongqing and Chengdu in China. The Vietnam plant was set up in 2007 and the Brazil NB plant in 2008. In response to the impact of Sino-U.S. trade and in line with the government's economic measures, Compal launched its investment plan back to Taiwan in 2019, expanded the Taoyuan Guanyin plant area, and vigorously launched the Vietnam plant project to inject more employment opportunities into the local economy. 
Compal Taiwan headquarters and its overseas production centers are linked with customers and suppliers via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), which simplifies processes and ensures complete records though back-end database integration. By taking full advantage of global market trends, we have been able to apply the best regional practices on a global scale, while at the same time simplifying the customer service system. By utilizing our existing production and marketing systems, we have the ability to produce products in great varieties and small quantities within a very short time. We take only 48 hours from ordering to shipment, which enables us to provide the most comprehensive and immediate services to meet customers’needs.
Corporate Governance

Compal attaches great importance to operational transparency and corporate governance, in accordance with the company law, securities exchange law, other relevant laws, regulations and allocates the responsibilities of each unit in detail through its organizational chart. It has also established an effective corporate governance framework, strengthened the supervision of the functions of the board of directors, safeguarded the rights and interests of shareholders, respected the rights and interests of stakeholders, and improved information transparency. It adheres to the code of honest operation, and formulates various systems and regulations to implement the spirit of corporate governance, in order to improve the company's business performance and practice the sustainable operation of the enterprise. Compal integrity management implementation status: the director’s declaration of integrity has been signed up to 100%, and the correct concept of all employees is also carried out. The company has formulated and announced relevant policies and regulations on the official website, strictly prohibiting bribery, corruption and collusion. The regulations are also listed as e-learning compulsory courses for all colleagues on the internal website, as the basis of daily practice, so that the company's stakeholders can better understand the  company's ethical standards, and ensure the company's sustainable operation and development. In addition to complying with the code of conduct of the RBA, we have also actively cooperated with customers' requirements on CSR and have made a commitment to anti-corruption ethical standards. In 2020, there was no punishment by the competent authority due to violation of relevant laws and regulations on honest operation and corruption.

Board of Directors Department
The Board of Directors is composed of people with outstanding professional and rich experience in industry, business, management and academic fields. It has 15 directors (including 3 independent directors). Its responsibilities are to exercise its powers in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and the provisions of company articles of association and resolutions of the shareholders meeting to formulate specific operation policies of the company, supervise the implementation of management team, ensure the rights and interests of company stakeholders, and create the best interests of shareholders.
When the meeting of Board of Directors is held, the Audit Director should not only report the implementation of the audit business, but also notify the person in charge of the case to attend the report and prepare the inquiry according to the proposal. In 2020, 6 meetings were held, with the average attendance rate of directors being 84.44%%.
Term of office of the directors of 13th Board of Directors: from June 22, 2018 to June 21, 2021.
Note: The three independent directors are members of the Remuneration Committee and the Audit Committee.
Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee of Compal is composed of three independent directors, all of whom are male and over 65 years old. Its responsibilities are to assist the board of directors to evaluate and approve the remuneration level of directors and managers, so as to combine the remuneration with the operation performance of individuals and companies, achieve the rationality of remuneration distribution and attract outstanding talents to stay. A total of 4 meetings were held in 2020, and the average attendance rate of the remuneration committee was 91.67%.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee of Compal is composed of three independent directors, and the convener: Min Chih Hsuan; Committee members: Duei Tsai and Duh Kung Tsai. Its responsibilities are to assist the board of directors to evaluate Its responsibilities are to improve the supervision function and strengthen the management function, assist the Board of Directors to review the financial statements, internal control system, audit business, accounting policies and procedures, major asset transactions, the selection (dismissal) and independence and competency of accountants, the appointment and dismissal of accounting and internal audit directors and other related matters, so as to ensure that the company's operation complies with the provisions of the competent authority and relevant laws and regulations. After the audit report and tracking report are audited, the Internal Audit Director shall deliver them to each independent director for inspection before the end of the month following the completion of the audit project. If the independent director needs to further understand the audit and tracking results, he shall contact the audit director at any time. The internal audit reports to the audit committee on a quarterly basis and discusses in person at the meeting. The Audit Committee of Compal has good communication with the Internal Audit Director. Independent directors and certified public accountants shall communicate with each other on the audit results of financial statements and other matters required by laws and regulations at least once a year, and discuss on the appointment, independence and competence of accountants. In 2020, 4 meeting were held, and the average attendance rate of Audit Committee members was 91.67%.


September 02, 2021