By establishing concrete goals and management practices, Compal set goals to achieve a future of co-prosperity.



Establish CSR Committee rules of procedure to strengthen CSR management procedures and organization performance.

△The organization operation follows CSR Committee rules of procedure to achieve the results of the decentralization of responsibility, implementation, and effective management.


Promote CSR policies that conform to RBA and other international regulations with our customers.

△To respond to brand customer’s CSR regulations of suppliers, we enhance the CSR auditing and management of the Company’s first stage suppliers.


Support the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and promote related policies and activities.

△Through the usage of business power and our core competence resources, we create a world with a sustainable developing society and environment.

△Provide digital education in remote areas to implement the UN's sustainable development goal of “Quality Education”.

△ Enhance the response and responsibility implementation of issues of concern to the stakeholders.


Created Compal_CSR FB fan page to intensify internal and external communication and advertise achievements.

△ The Internet is the main source for the modern public to receive information. The FB fan page enables the stakeholders to have direct communication and sharing with the organization and achieve the results of direct communication and achievements advertising.


Mitigate and adapt to climate change, continue green product design, improve energy-saving management and response to extreme weather conditions.

△To adapt to the Paris Agreement, international laws and customers' requirements, all plants are required to make plans on how they expect to contribute to the adjustment.

△Put forward plans for the impact caused by extreme weather to reduce impact, adjust to changes, and grasp opportunities, such as storms, droughts and floods, heat waves, pandemic diseases, and degraded air and water quality, etc.


Care for the natural environment, local community, sustainability education, and build a healthy and green living for employees.

△Enhance cooperation and communication with government agencies, non-profit organizations, environmental groups, and social enterprises to build an image of a green sustainable enterprise.

△Promote green experience activities (friendly agriculture, beach cleaning, and ecological conservation) and charity activities to increase the employee’s corporate image identification.