Health and Safety

Any product that endangers the health or safety of customers will undermine the customer’s image and may even render it liable for substantial claims by consumers. For this reason, Compal tries to prevent its products from causing harm to customers’ health and safety in every way it can. Whether or not an organization is able to protect users' health and safety has a direct impact on its reputation, legal/financial risks, market position, and employee morale. To provide healthy, safe, and high-quality products, all Compal products are controlled automatically using the Integrated System for Product Development (ISPD). Raw materials procurement must conform to Compal’s management Standard A.6 version for environment-related substances to be controlled in parts and materials. Parts approval standards were established in accordance with REACH and RoHS international instructions. Some plants introduced the QC 080000 hazardous substance process management. When customers issued an RFQ, the product design stage and mass production must comply with all sorts of security specifications. Mass produced computer products must 100% pass IEC 60950-1 requirements, comply with RoHS, and never violate product health and safety regulations and voluntary regulations.
Compal’s aim for customers’ health and safety was not only to comply with the customer’s demands and protect customer’s safety, but developing Halogen-free products and build a more healthy production capacity was our promise and responsibility. The current NB products of Compal all comply with relevant chemical requisitions and security specification as below.
  • Security Specification (IEC 60950-1)
  • RoHS
  • Halogen-Free



Our privacy has been recognized as a prominent issue at the regulatory level. Companies that violate customers' privacy tend to suffer direct financial impacts and compromise business reputation, customer loyalty, and satisfaction over the long term. Until customers have officially launched their products, employees are not allowed to disclose product appearance, design, specifications, or technical information in any way. Compal is committed to protecting customers' information in every step along the way and is operated based on the policy and plans of Compal’s “Information Security Committee.” In 2017, Compal received no complaints whatsoever concerning violations or leakage of customers’ privacy.
Staff Management
All relevant personnel (R&D, procurement, sales, factory, contractors, and suppliers) are given controlled access to customers' information and are required to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA).
Sample Management
Project managers count sample inventories every day and lock samples inside wooden boxes. During the development stage, all samples are wrapped in dark bags to prevent exposure. Employees who wish to borrow samples are required to sign an NDA and refrain from showing the sample to any person unrelated to the project or taking pictures or videos of them. Samples must be covered with protective covers and placed in special packaging when being transported.
Entrance Guard Management
Project development employees are located in different project offices and use IDs as entrance access control.
Information Security Management
All files need to be compressed, encrypted, and sent to the client's designated address. Each file must be marked "confidential" before sending. When sending attachments, the files and passwords must be sent in separate e-mails.


Quality Management

To adjust to the world trends of internationalization, maintain market competitiveness, and satisfy the demands of customers and laws and regulations, Compal is devoted to enhancing quality management and technical level, improve management, and optimize operation procedure. Thus, we established an operation model based on the system rather than personal subjective judgment to lower the quality inspection frequency and costs and further on reduce working deviation and increase efficiency. Compal’s manufacturing has passed the process management model and established and implemented ISO9001: 2015 international standards. Through applying an international quality management system and strictly following the requirements of the quality management system, Compal has proceeded full quality management and fulfilled or even surpassed customer’s demands.
Compal applied 7 principles of ISO9001 for quality management guidelines: customers as the main focus, leadership of quality policy and quality objective, the engagement of all employees in the comprehension and emphasis of previous items through education training and various advertisement, participation of the whole Company, the process approach of systematic management, improvement, evidence-based decision making and logical analysis or judgment on data and information for decision making and mutually beneficial demand and supply relationships to enhance the creative value capability of the Company and the suppliers.

​​Customer Satisfaction Survey

Compal has been dedicated to providing the best products and services to customers and has strived to maintain a sound business relationship with them for mutual assistance and benefits.

Through timely communication with customers, we further understood customer’s satisfaction. Take a customer with a higher shipping rate, for example, the customer provided an evaluation report focusing on Compal’s communication and R&D ability, organization planning, deficiency improvement, materials supply, order, and distribution, or overall quality and services. The customer also gave advice on Compal’s good performance and defect improvement. These surveys can help us to improve and progress.
In order to learn how satisfied customers were with Compal’s prolonged CSR efforts, we used questionnaires to survey customers’ CSR satisfaction every year. The questionnaire was issued to all Compal’s customers by Sales, and the contents included CSR implementation, supplier management, audit management, environmental management, conflict minerals, and social care aspects. We expect to have more interactions with our customers and understand the deficiencies Compal needs to improve through the questionnaire.
We received a higher score in “Factory Auditing” and “Environmental Management and Carbon Disclosure”, which we will enhance the implementation of to fulfill customer’s expectations, while “Care for Social Welfare and Implementation” received a lower score of 3.75. For this part, we will continue to communicate with customers to discover solutions to problems and plan enhancement and improvement measures for this problem.
We also set goals for future customer satisfaction in accordance with the 2017 survey result and hope every item will pass 4 in customer’s CSR questionnaire. We will continue to improve our deficiencies toward the parts receiving lower scores in the 2017 survey.

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