2017 Compal CSR Actives Review

Items Important Review
Corporate Governance Compal ranked among the top 6%-20% of all publicly-listed companies on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation’s “Third Corporate Governance Evaluation”.
Supply Chain Management Continue to implement the conflict minerals policy, the Company has internal and external commitments to prohibit against conflict minerals.
Complete the investigation of the suppliers in conflict minerals and the auditing of 14 suppliers’ CSR in 2017.
Green Environment Been chosen in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) climate change investigation for 4 consecutive years (2014-2017) and received an overall CDP score of B in 2017.
The Develop automatic production line, improve production efficiency and yield rate, reduce energy usage, and lower the resources waste produced by the heavy industry.
The establishment of solar panels in overseas Chinese plants (KS2, KS4, KS5, and the roof of the China garden dormitory and B section dormitory).
Green environment and employee parenting actives (Guandu natural environment education tour, Jinshan non-toxic contract production rice promotion lecture, and “bring your own reusable cup for free coffee” activity).
Green Products All products supplied by Compal have been designed in accordance with WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive 2002/96/EC) standards, which require at least 65% of materials to be recyclable. For main notebook brand clients, products have even been designed to enable 96%-100% recycling rate.
CSR Training Complete labor safety and health training and CSR online training courses.
Complete Responsible Business Alliance (abbreviated as RBA) *(Note) code of conduct training.
Social Welfare Provide a budget to subsidize college students to do volunteer work in remote areas.
376 employees participated in blood donations held by the Company donating 590 bags in 2017.
For the promotion of digital learning for children in remote areas, Compel continued its collaboration with Fu Jen Catholic University and the Chau-Ing Hsu Foundation to donate tablet PCs and AIO computers for remotely located elementary schools.
Compel collaborated with the Chau-Ing Hsu Foundation to hold a charity auction and donated the earnings to buy a school bus for the kindergarten in Pingtung Wutai Elementary School. Also sponsored a charity performance in Chiayi and donated money to the Heng-Shan Social Welfare Foundation.
Created Compal_CSR FB fan page for immediate public welfare information and the enhancement of the communication with stakeholders.
Employee Care Compal introduced an NT$66,000 subsidy for every childbirth. There were 313 babies born in 2017 and a grand total of 2,029 babies born to date.
Compal held employee health promotion actives (such as Cardio-Pulmonary-Cerebral-Resuscitation, (CPCR,) first-aid training, weight control classes, and health seminars).
Compal offered multiple activities such as employees’ annual wage adjustments, holiday bonuses, dividends, group insurance, travel subsidies, employee/children scholarships, and birthday parties. Compal held employee health checkups, department dinner parties and outings, and various club activities.
*(Note): The Responsible Business Alliance (abbreviated as RBA), former known as the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (abbreviated as EICC), is a code of conduct formulated for the electronics industry, industries that use electronics as main components, and their supply chains to ensure the safety of working environments, the respect and dignity of the workers, and the business operation corresponds to environmental protection and ethics. (Contents derived from RBA website documents)
The reason for EICC to change to RBA is because its’ definition of membership has updated to include companies which manufacture or contract electronics manufacturing and corporations which manufacture products that are essential in electronic products’ main functions. The new definition of membership is open to related industries like vehicles, toys, aviation, and wearable technology. (Information Source: Internet)