The Chairman of  Compal, Rock Hsu, always says: "People are the foundation of an organization; without the people, an organization would cease to function." Compal has always adopted a "people-oriented" philosophy and believes that employees are the Company’s strategic partner. Only when employees grow on a continuous basis may the Company sustain its business. The structural changes that an organization makes in response to global trends also require the support from all levels of employees in order to succeed.
Recruitment and Human Rights Protection 
Compal abides local laws and regulations in all countries and regions where we operate, also upholds the human rights of all employees of Compal. We respect the human and labor rights of our employees by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Ten Principles of The United Nations Global Compact.  We also align our actions with the RBA and its Code of Conduct.
The Headquarters of Compal Taiwan, overseas production centers have committed themselves to recruit employees solely based on personal character, ability, and match with the duties assigned. Under no circumstances would the Company allow different treatment for race, ethnicity, social status, lineage, religion, disability, gender, sexual preference, family attachment, marital status, political association, age, or any other form of discrimination. The Headquarters and the plants in each area have all established the management process document of “Regulation for No Enforcement, Discrimination, and Harassment”.

Also, Compal's Taiwan Headquarters, overseas production centers all assure employees the right to work free of retaliation, threat, and indebted labor. Employees are entitled to freedom of resigning from their current employment, provided that advance notice and all necessary procedures are completed in accordance with local regulations. If the employees encounter any threat, abuse, exploitation, or coercive intercourse at work, they can report any illegal matter anonymously through the “Ethical Officer” complaint mailbox. Employees may file complaints in accordance with "Regulations for Prevention, Correction, Complaint, and Punishment of Sexual Harassment at Workplace" for any sexual harassment, whether in the form of body gesture, verbal, or body contact. Compal provides a sexual harassment complaint mailbox and hotline on the intranet to assure employees that all complaints are properly handled.
Attendance System and Forbiddance of Forced Labor
All employees are protected by a collective barging agreement at the time they sign their contracts of employment. The company plans its attendance system according to local laws and regulations. Employees are offered unpaid leave, illness leave, family care leave, menstrual leave, wedding/funeral leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, parental leave, special leave, and compensatory leave. Employees are given the flexibility to take leaves of absence as needed without worries. Compal asks each plant to follow the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) to establish the labor policy. The “Document of Working Hours and Remuneration Management Procedure” and “Regulation for No Enforcement, Discrimination, and Harassment” were established regarding the working hours, and forced labor is strictly forbidden. Compal also pays constant attention to employees' physical and mental state, work performance and family life, and strives to create a healthy, safe, comfortable, and fully equipped work environment.
Salary and Reward

Employees’ salary levels of Compal are set based upon those of similar responsibilities, with adjustments made based on individual work performance. Different salary levels may be granted depending on education, experience, job grade and the assigned duties, but are higher than the statutory minimum in any case. Furthermore, employees are entitled to a portion of the sharing of the Company’s current year profits. The Company has set clear guidelines to reward and penalize employees’ conducts and performance. Rewards and penalties are decided to depend on the severity and impact of the event involved. Employees’ compensation includes 12 months of salary, a mid-year bonus and year-end bonus (to be determined based on the Company’s operational performance and employees’ individual performance), with adjustment to their wages. In addition, pursuant to the Articles of Incorporation; when the Company makes the profit in a year, no more than 2% of the Company’s pre-tax profit (not including remuneration for employees and Directors) shall be appropriated to employees. The aforementioned bonus, adjustment in wages and employee compensations are reviewed by the Remuneration Committee and resolved by the Board of Directors.

Moreover, Compal also offers employee year-end bonuses, patent and innovation rewards, monthly performance bonuses for operators, and bonuses for production capacity breakthroughs.

Pension Scheme 
Compal’s pension system has been established in accordance with relevant regulations and the Company's policies. Employees who came onboard on or after July 1, 2005 are subject to the "Labor Pension Act" (the New Scheme), for which the Company is required to make pension contributions at a rate no less than required by law. Employees who came onboard on or before June 30, 2005 are given the choice to adopt the New Scheme or the Old Scheme after July 1, 2005.
Childbirth Incentive and Unpaid Parental Leave
In response to the government's birth incentive policy, Compal has been offering a subsidy of NT$66,000 for every child that employees of the Taiwan Headquarters have given birth to since 2011. This policy has been in place for 6 years. With the support of Chairman Hsu, the Company has paid out NT$133.9144 million in subsidies for a total of 2,029 newborn babies between 2011 and 2017.
Health Care
To take care of the health of the employees, the infirmary in the Headquarters of Compal has sphygmomanometers, weight scales, body fat monitors, and beds. We also have medical professionals for urgent illness/injuries handling and healthcare counseling. In addition, we have a doctor in the plant offering healthcare counseling for employees and giving healthcare suggestions to employees with high health risks every week. Health promotion activities include health seminars, blood donation events, weight control class, first-aid training, and health checkups. To enable employees to manage their own health status, the “Compal Healthcare” cellphone app, which was developed internally, is available for employees. Through daily health management, we provide our employees with a health consciousness to build a healthy working environment.

Health Course

Fitness place – Stampede
Compal built the “Stampede Experience Showroom” in the athletes’ village in Linkou during the 2017 Universiade, providing players from different countries a friendly communicating space for self-training and competing.

The intelligent exercise mat is a professional, technological, digitalized, and efficient training equipment. It can help users to gradually achieve set goals and further understand their bodies. At the end of 2017, we imported the whole set of intelligent mats into the recreation center of Compal. We hope that through the record and analysis of the data, our employees can examine their own differences and stability of movement during exercise on the mat to adjust their training, strengthen their weakness, train the muscles of their body, and find the most suitable exercise type for themselves after work. Besides providing the mat, we also open training courses and hire professionals to guide the employees, making the best use of the mat.

Employee contact