Main Aspects for Public Welfare of Compal

Compal gives full play to corporate sustainability, attaches importance to corporate social responsibility (CSR), and promotes the sustainable development goal of social inclusiveness. Based on scientific and technological innovation, Compal has worked to conduct planned profound cultivation towards education, shorten the gap between the urban and rural, care for the life of the disadvantaged groups of all ages, and promote the development of a green environment with wisdom and inclusiveness. Besides, Compal also encourages colleagues to voluntarily invest themselves into volunteer services, to resort to “corporate care” to consolidate group subsidiaries and related companies as well as customers and supply chains, implement the vision of creating a happy society with corporate power, and endorse a peaceful and inclusive society.
Compal’s total contribution to social welfare in 2020
Cash donation: NTD 11,236,113 (including the donation of NTD 3,762,997from our colleagues to Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity Foundation)
Supply and material donation: NTD 4,657,658
Event expense: NTD 171,119
Supporting manpower: 2,570 people (including 245 reading volunteers from college sponsored by Compal)
Total contribution amount: NTD 16,064,890
Main Aspects of Public Welfare


Main aspects

Goals in 2020

Way of implementation

Affects and benefits

Goals in 2021

Flip over life via Digitalization Profound cultivation towards educational gap

Continue to promote "Kangaroo Plan" and "Mobile Digital Learning Project" to improve the learning quality of after-school tutoring education and popular science education at rural areas, and strengthen art and literature learning of the disadvantaged students, achieving a balanced development towards Five Ways of Life.

*Cultivate local education profoundly, and train community teachers for afterschool tutoring class.

*Train Fu Jen Catholic University volunteers as university learning partners

*Encourage reading volunteer associations from colleges to serve at rural areas.

*Support Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity Foundation to open art and literature classes for the disadvantaged students with special talents and needs.

*Donate tablets to improve the learning quality of information education  for schools.

*Set up scholarships to encourage Learning

Continue to participate in various activities to  improve the educational quality of school children, cultivate development potential of students, and donate laptops, AIOs, and tablets. Promote "Technology and Innovation Education Program" in Taoyuan, and assist schools in the promotion of information education to improve digital education at rural areas to achieve sustainable development goal as “SDGs4 Quality Education " by the United Nations.

*Continue to promote "Maker Education Project-Steam" in Taoyuan

*For the third year, Compal has worked with the Center of Care Services for Rural Area Education in Taiwan, Fu Jen Catholic University in "Kangaroo Plan" to improve the teaching and learning quality of rural tutoring class.

*Continue "Compal Reading Volunteer Project" for the 14th year, which promotes reading education at rural areas.

Promotion of grey-haired education Caring for life of the disadvantaged

Continue to participate in the various community care services by Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity foundation, and attend to the caring activities for the physical and mental wellbeing of the disadvantaged students at rural areas.

*Community care services by corporate volunteers.

*Raise food for the disadvantaged families during Chinese New Year and other festivals.

*Raise wish gifts for the disadvantaged children on the Children’s Day.

*Organized "Compal Charity Fair" and fundraising activities.

*Sponsor fundraising fund for Kaohsiung Medical University.

*Sponsor rural community branches of Kaohsiung Public Library.

Compal colleagues participated in various charity and care activities by their own. As such, the both amount o f fundraising or material donation activities as well as the number of participants has grown upwards, surpassing those of 2019. Facing the context of aging population of the year,  Compal has also paid attention to the life of grey-haired generation, and continued to invest in the research and development for related industries of smart medicine as well as developed AI application technology in medicine.

*Endorse the physical and mental education and healthcare activities by Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity Foundation for the disadvantaged school children at rural areas.

*Pay attention to the education and medical care towards the greyhaired generation at rural communities.

Humanistic inheritance from generation to generation Respect for multiculturalism

Organize multicultural courses and exchange activities through different channels.

*The "Kangaroo Plan" co-operated by Compal and the Center of Care Services for Rural Area Education in Taiwan, Fu Jen Catholic University has helped planned for community students t o understand the local culture of their hometown.

*Continue to integrate reading volunteers from college to make efforts for community students to appreciate the changes in local culture and environment.

*Support D.B. Art Collective for its assistance and cultivation towards unique artistic talents.

Pay attention to the gap between the urban and rural, and cultural conflicts caused by the differences with community environment. Encourage activity participation by community family to increase resident connections, learn from each other, and understand and respect  multiculturalism.

*Continue to promote sustainable development (SDGs) goals by UN for social inclusion.

*Continue to integrate college volunteers to promote community students to appreciate local culture.

*Regarding teaching project as "Identify Fake News" , it works conjunction with National Taiwan Normal University, for the project helps teach students the ability to distinguish the authenticity of information so as to correct understanding among the public, and p ass on favorable moral culture.

Pay attention to environmental sustainability Responding to joint initiatives

Continue to support the action to protect ocean, and strengthen environmental education and publicity on plastic and waste reduction in life.

*Continue to promote environment and ecology education.

*Organize ocean and beach-cleaning activities.

*Participate in joint environmental initiatives.

*Organize tour of ecological history.

Raise the environmental protection awareness among colleagues as they pay attention to marine protection and reduce environmental damage, while the participation rate of environmental protection increased by 5.21% as compared with that of last year.

*Attach importance to biodiversity, protect plants in blue carbon ecosystem, and sponsor the wetland conservation plan for mangrove. *Organize beach cleaning activities, continuously carry out environmental education and promotion, and jointly propose actions to protect ocean.

Promote caring Services Encourage volunteer input


*Encourage colleagues to participate in social welfare related activities on their own.

*Encourage colleagues to participate in volunteer charity service and activities in terms of social care and environmental sustainability.

*Encourage colleagues to participate in "Dream aaaaaaaRealization and Soaring Project Plan."

*Continue to participate in new pen-pal relationships and spiritual care activities.

Colleagues from Compal and subsidiaries  participate in volunteer service activities together. The number and frequency of Compal colleagues who actually participate in voluntary services on their own are continuously increasing.

*To do charity with high-quality enterprises, and give full play to the power of common good of the society.

*Promote enterprise companies to work together and give full play to the power of charity.

Proportion of Various Investments of Compal
and Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity
Foundation in 2020 (overseas excluded)

Key Performance

  • In 2020, Taiwan has total of 2570 people (including 245 junior college reading volunteers sponsored by Compal) were invested, with a total investment of NTD 16,064,890.
  • Compal and Fu Jen Catholic University - Center of Care Services for Rural Area Education in Taiwan, have collaborated in the "Kangaroo Plan" – having sponsored physical afterschool tutoring courses for 79 students from Dayuan, Guanyin, and Hualien Yuli Book House communities, and cultivated 10 local seeded teachers. Compal corporate volunteers and student volunteers from Fu Jen Catholic University work hand in hand to provide education for school students as well as cultural inheritance in the three communities as they help offer community care and volunteer service the third year.
  • Compal Reading Volunteer Project – It has already stepped into the 13rd year of cooperationwith volunteer service associations of universities and colleges. In 2020, we had assisted furnishing 13 volunteer reading projects, in which 245 university volunteers serve 2,267 students and community residents; in total, 541 hours of environmental and reading education courses were arranged for year 2020.
  • Compal Health and Charity Project – Let’s Go and Walk for Charity! To encourage colleagues to increase their daily amount of exercise, and promote high-quality educational philosophy as to be rooted in science and technology information; 167 Compal colleagues insisted on walking activities within 72 days, and they had walked 913.7 million steps in total, with 180 tablets donated to 9 primary schools in Taoyuan City. Such donation was conducted as a response to help facilitate the “Maker Education Project– Steam” jointly implemented byCompal Electronics, Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity Foundation, Department of Education, Taoyuan and the schools.
  • Compal colleagues have actively participated in various charity activities by the Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity Foundation, and the number of participants who take part on their own is about 533.



Updated on August 31, 2021