From “fortune enterprise” to “fortune society” has always been the goal that “Compal,” as a fortune enterprise in the technology industry is devoted to. The Company upholds the corporate mission of “gain from society and returns to society.” Under the joint effort of all employees of Compal and the group “ Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity Foundation,” we actively implemented the social responsibilities of a corporate citizen, focus on education differences, care lives of disadvantages, respect diverse cultures, promote environmental protection. Through the integration of the internal and external resources of the company, employees and upstream/downstream supply chain, we hope to change the society with the corporate power in order to head toward the goal of “fortune society.”
Four Main Aspects for Public Welfare

Since the establishment in 1984, Compal is committed to the philosophy of “gain from society and return to society” to actively contribute to the society and to fulfill the corporate social responsibility. With the joint promotion made by the Compal’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and  Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity Foundation, cross-organization resources and power are integrated. The Company complies with the corporate social responsibility policies, and actively responds to the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Among which, the Company also focuses on the SDG1 elimination of poverty, SDG3 health and welfare, SDG4 education quality, SDG11 sustainable city, SDG14 marine ecology and SDG15 terrestrial ecology as the social participation main directions, in order to establish short, medium and long term goals and methods, thereby integrating the SDGs into the operation of the organization. 
In terms of the actions in promoting fortune, Compal is dedicated to education along with the use of technology to eliminate the education difference between urban and rural areas, such that all children are able to enjoy equal education opportunities and quality education. Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity Foundation is based on the origin of love and focuses on long-term care for the needs of disadvantaged and the development of diverse cultures, and it also contributes continuous efforts in the environmental protection, in light of gathering the efforts of all employees of the group and their relatives to contribute greater energy and love to the society.
As we pursue our goal of creating a society of joy and happiness, Compal shall continue to inject more effort and attention to the development of the Company’s core strengths, in order to create synergy between our sophisticated high-tech products and the benevolence and kindness of Compal staffs to eradicate the gaps of resource accessibility for disadvantaged minorities. Not only that, but we also call on our customers and suppliers in our supply chain to pool our forces and influences as contributing enterprises to achieve this goal, thereby becoming the primary pushing force for driving the fortune enterprise to fortune society.