[Compal Green Declaration ] 

Due to increasingly severe global warming, the Paris Agreement passed by 195 United Nations members in 2015 has confirmed the path on holding back further climate change and is working hard to control the global average temperature increase within 2℃. As a member of this global village, Compal has aggressively dedicated itself to environmental protection in response to the Paris Agreement.

Starting from 2010, Compal has continued to carry out greenhouse gas management, inspection and decrease. Compal has actively disclosed related results on the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), begun installing solar energy devices by 2017, carried out the ISO 50001 energy management system, and responded to international initiatives on using renewable energy (RE100) and transforming energy efficiency (EP100). It has also promoted related issues with its suppliers with the expectation of starting to carry out carbon reduction and adjustment operations from the upstream.

Our persistence for investing in the design and R&D of green products starts from using non-toxic materials (those that meet the standards of RoHS and REACH). During the usage period of our products, energy will be consistently saved (passing Energy Star standards). When the products are being disposed, they are easy to dismantle, and recyclable (meet WEEE standards). Such a systematic structure results in product production capacity that is greener and healthier.

In addition to demonstrating our determination to fulfilling corporate social responsibility with evident actions, we further aggressively promise to:

1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With the emission volume of 2014 as the standard, we will decrease emission volume (per million NT$ of revenue) by 6% by 2020.

2. Continue to instruct our suppliers with energy-saving and carbon-reducing plans in order to help them carry out a decrease and adjustment to cope with climate change.

3. Disposable utensils are prohibited in employee meals. We are also the first to respond to the “Action Plan of Marine Debris Governance in Taiwan” draft stipulated by the Environmental Protection Administration by not actively providing straws and plastic bags.

With the enterprise leading the way, we hope that through the development of energy-saving products and the promotion of daily energy-saving and plastic-reducing plans, we can lessen the Earth’s burden, integrate enterprise resources, and provide employees with related training and knowledge, so everybody is willing to work hard to love this planet, making Compal an enterprise with the most sustainable competitiveness.

By Green Sustainability Office