Compal Electronics’ Volunteers and Nuan-nuan Elementary School – Ecological Education Event at the National Museum of Marine Sci

2019 / 08/ 07

Compal Computer's "Caring for the Marine Ecology" in 2019 is the driving force behind SDGs14, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal. The event was arranged to take place during students’ summer vacations, allowing them to get up close to understand marine life and promote ecological education.

On August 3rd, Compal Computer’s colleagues along with students from Nuan-nuan(暖暖) Elementary School formed a group of 65 people for the event. The HCI Charity Foundation Director Wang Rufen, Nuan-nuan Elementary School Principal and teachers Hsin-hsing and Jie-Sheng spent the day with the group at Chaohjing Park, Chaojing Marine Research Center, and at the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology (NMMST). Everyone learned about the importance of biology conservation to humans, and the participants were also introduced to the restoration of biological resources such as marine life surrounding Taiwan, neritic squids, coral, and clownfish. The volunteers and the young students experienced the feeling of walking in the climate of accelerated global warming and accompanied the children as they played games, met new friends. Volunteers felt like they were back in school as they ate from metal lunch boxes at the NMMST’s classrooms, took naps sitting at the tables, and saw 3D great white sharks in the ocean theater as they had fun and laughed their way through the summer vacation.

Taiwan is surrounded by the ocean, and we should maintain marine ecology in the way that we would care for our own homes. Hopefully, Compal Electronics’ volunteers and the children will learn more about the ocean, its currents and the underwater biodiversity as they do what they can in their daily lives to collectively protect the marine ecological environment together and support the sustainable development of the ocean through action.