Compal Beach Cleaning – Jiatou Community’s Xialiao Beach

2019 / 03/ 29

In 2019, Compal used the "SDGs14-Life Below Water" to realize its Corporate Social Responsibility to the environment and its ecology. Compal’s actual plastic reduction campaign began on March 23rd, encouraging Compal colleagues to do beach clean-ups! A total of 57 colleagues participated in the beach clean as their families and friends gathered at the Jiatou Community.

The CEO of "Hiin Studio" conducted educational training for the participants to explain the meaning of beach clean-ups, and the correct way to clean a beach. Participants were educated on the cleaning priorities and divided into groups to focus on collecting "recyclable" and "non-recyclable" items. The energetic colleagues were fully engaged as they dug up the fishing nets entangled with garbage out of the sand, and worked together to clean the beach. The hardest part was dragging 798 kilograms of garbage to a pre-determined location on the side of the road for the cleaning unit!
Hopefully, colleagues will use their free time to call on more colleagues and friends to participate in beach-clean-up activities, so that marine life can eat actual food instead of plastic garbage and straws!
If willing, please do not produce additional plastic waste and be determined on permanently reducing plastic waste.