2020 is a year full of challenges anduncertainties, thus, it is also a year for tenacity and fearlessness. Under the dual impacts of global epidemic and frictions of international trade, performance of Compal last year was outstanding, much attributing to the trust of customers and efforts of all employees and partners, while its financial results had also reached a 9-year high. Also, its smart manufacturing has continued to improve, with much progresses perceived in new developments of business;b even more, it had, as well, received the honor as affirmed by iF Design Award global corporate innovation competitiveness of Germany with No. 11 in ranking. In view of these decorations, it is all because of our efforts and contributions made to environment, society, and corporate governance (Environment, Social, Government), so that Compal can have moved forward steadily amidst changes and challenges, thus reversing toward a brand new scenario.


I.     Implement corporate governance and enhance sustainable value

Openness and transparency is the philosophy of Compal in operating a company, and it has established an effective corporate governance structure based on company law and other relevant laws and regulations, including the "remuneration committee", independent board directors, and an "auditing committee" served by all independent directors as members. With the  establishment of an efficient and systematic internal system, complete internal control, risk management, and internal auditing, etc., they have rendered, in combination with a complete corporate governance mechanism, Compal operations to meet the requirements of government laws and regulations so that the rights and interests of shareholders and stakeholders can be safeguarded, helping to guarantee and enhance the sustainable value of the company. In 2020, Compal was again recognized by Taiwan Institute of Sustainable Energy (TAISE) and decorated with the honor of "TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award" with platinum award in Corporate Sustainability Report and silver award in English Report, and was also affirmed as the top 6% -- 20% ranking among listed companies in Taiwan for "Corporate Governance Evaluation" by Taiwan Stock Exchange. Furthermore, Compal has also been selected as a constituent stock of FTSE4GOOD Index and FTSE4GOOD TIP Taiwan ESG Index for 5 consecutive years, reckoned to be of a long-term recognition to Compal sustainable investment value by institutional investors.

II.    Strengthen employee care and cultivate outstanding talents

Taking care of employees is the top priority of business operations, and it is only when employees grow up healthily can Compal develop with sustainability. To help employees care for their families and work without worries, we have provided a healthy and safe working environment, complete career planning and training, and a competitive salary and welfare system, and should continue to promote Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Through a professional consultant team, we help employees solve related problems in terms of "family and parent-child, legal, and interpersonal relationship." Meanwhile, we conduct various care and communication channels to appreciate the needs of employees, introduces employee with health promotion programs, and organizes various employee health promotion activities, so that they can both take care of the quality of work and life. On the other hand, the company has also persistently worked to provide employees with a birth allowance of NT$66,000 per child in order to improve the problem of declining birthrate in the community. In 2020, a total of 222 babies received subsidy. During the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP), Compal also took a series of high-standard epidemic prevention measures to reduce the chance of infection among colleagues at workplace according government orders.

III.   Participate in carbon-reduction actions, and promote environmental sustainability

According to The Global Risks Report 2020 released by the World Economic Forum, “environmental issues” are considered to be of long-term risks confronted faced by the world in the next 10 years, including extreme climates, natural disasters, and failures of climate actions and others. In recent years, climate actions as carbon reduction have been raging like a storm around the world, and internationally renowned large companies, such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft, have issued relevant carbon reduction commitments in 2020. Being confronted by the environmental impacts brought about by those climate changes, Compal has also actively invested itself into green product design, plant energy-saving management, and coping measures to extreme climate by promoting lean production, controlling energy use, reducing useless waste in production process, and creating higher economic benefits as well as environmental protection. As such, it has, for 7 consecutive years (2014- 2020), taken part in Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and obtained B level for climate change questionnaire management and participate the water safety questionnaire in 2020. When COVID-19 epidemic broke out around the world, Compal had also set up an epidemic prevention and response team at the first time to strengthen work environment management, reduce the risk of epidemic to employees and operations, and implement risk management of Compal in environment sustainability.

IV.   Follow RBA code of conduct and strengthen supply chain management

As a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), Compal is committed to implementing the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR). We sincerely communicate with our supplier partners and ask them to sign a Responsible Business Alliance’s Standard Commitment and “Declaration to Ban/Non-Use of Conflict Minerals” in accordance with RBA specifications to make the suppliers understand and fulfill their social responsibilities for labor, occupational health and safety, environment, ethics, etc. In 2019, we held three supplier conferences (Taipei, Kunshan and Chongqing) to complete the supplier conflict minerals survey, strengthen the CSR review and management of the first-tier suppliers, and work with customers to optimize the content of supplier management. The supplier CSR management platform is expected to be completed by the end of 2020, and we hope to have influence on more suppliers to participate in the grand event and achieve a sustainable future.

V.    Invest in innovative technology to enhance the well-being of mankind

While pursuing for performance growth, Compal has never forgot to uphold the spirit of "innovation, harmony, and transcendence" as its business philosophy, and it has always invested in innovative technologies and promote sustainable development of the company. To pour in innovative thinking mindset into Compal’s DNA, the company encourages innovative proposals within the company every year, and presents "Innovation Awards" to incorporate ideas and suggestions from employees to achieve a winwin result for the company and employees. Furthermore, we make good use of our internal R&D technology, based on AI, 5G and Cloud, to develop solutions and platforms for products in the automotive, healthcare, and automation areas, and resort to innovative technology to enhance the well-being of mankind and so as to bring better life to human community. To the world, Compal has also taken part in international competitions actively. In 2020, Compal again won several honors from " iF Design Award" of Germany, with its ranking of global corporate innovation competitiveness rising to the 11th.

VI.   Giving back to community needs and fulfilling corporate responsibilities 

Caring for the disadvantaged groups in society, fulfilling corporate responsibilities, and giving back to the land that nurtures our growth have always been the common philosophy of all Compal colleagues and “Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity Foundation" of the group. In the past one year, we have continued to support charity activities held by Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity Foundation as we mobilized our colleagues to participate in volunteer services, donated laptops, AIOs, tablets and other learning equipment and resources, and participated in various activities to improve the quality of education for school children. In 2020, we furnished the "Kangaroo Plan" by the Center of Care Services for Rural Area Education in Taiwan, Fu Jen Catholic University, "Technology and Innovation Education Project" in Taoyuan, and the first Compal "Health and Charity" event. As a whole, we donated a total of 422 mobile digital devices to enhance after-school tutoring and information education for children at rural areas, assisted the learning quality of popular science education for the disadvantaged students to achieve sustainable development goal as "SDGs4 Quality Education” by the United Nations. Besides, we had also organized blood donation activities, volunteer service activities, taken part in "Recycle Activity of 3C Waste" of customers, responded to "SDGs 14 Life Below Water" of sustainable development goal by the United Nations, held two beach- cleaning activities. It is hoped that when the company, employees, and the internal and external resources of upstream and downstream supply chain are integrated we can work to improve the society as a corporation and feedback to the community.

Looking to the future, Compal will continue to pursue for growing performance through the core strength of company, focus on the increase of profit, and further enhance the economic value of the company based on the investment of various management measures as well as persisting contribution of automation and digitalization, and teamwork and execution by all employees. Alongside, we should well also fulfill our social responsibilities as a global corporate citizen in response to the expectations of shareholders, customers, partners and other stakeholders towards Compal, and strive hard to create a sustainable life for mankind.


Updated on September 02, 2021