Identification of Material Issues

In addition to collecting feedback from stakeholders through various communication channels, we also use questionnaires to understand stakeholders' concerns every year. The themes of concerns take the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as the framework, and refer to domestic and foreign industrial trends, global risks, common concerns of the electronic industry, priorities of Compal, and sustainable goals of Compal. After reviewing the suitability, 22 themes were proposed. Online questionnaires are sent to all stakeholders to fill in, and paper version is used to collect data for people who cannot have easy access to the Internet.

In total, 710 valid questionnaires were successfully collected in 2020. After the completion of the statistics in accordance with the weights of interests of stakeholders, ten major themes were selected based on the topics of high concern of stakeholders, the topics on economy, society and environment which strongly impact the high-level executives, the topics on Compal business features and the major issues of the company.


Note: Added the Prevention and management of infectious diseases because the questionnaire modification in 2020


Updated on September 7, 2021