2018 Golden Autumn Environment Day – Compal Dingliao Beach Clean

2018 / 10/ 21


The Compal Green Sustainability Office and the Green Living Health Club called on colleagues to go to the Dingliao Community Beach in Wanli District on October 21st(Sat.). 37 colleagues worked together on that day cleaning the beach. The meaning of the clean beach, the correct way to clean the beach, and notable safety issues were explained by the Green Life Health Club’s president and the Green Promotion Team colleagues. The Beach Clean-up event was held in conjunction with Environmental Resources International to participate in its ongoing coastal waste investigation program. Everyone worked together that day to collect a total of 200 kilograms of garbage as colleagues couldn’t stop collecting washed-up garbage!

 Compal will continue hosting Beach Clean-up events, and everyone is welcome to join us in protecting the ocean!