2018 「Compal Beautiful Autumn Passionate Blood Run」 Blood Donation

2018 / 09/ 13

<  ▲ Tony B., general manager of the PC business group, expressed support for the colleagues displaying their kindness and donating blood to help others.>

On this beautiful day, colleagues that have registered to donate blood have arrived at the registration office on time. Alternate colleagues have also arrived upon receiving notices from the medical office to take part in the Compal Headquarters’ “Compal Beautiful Autumn Passionate Blood Run.”

< ▲The blood donation gift prepared by the medical office for the colleagues is a glass cup with environmental friendly straw and cover (as indicated in the picture). >

<▲ Compal colleagues are beautiful and kind as the blood donation successfully concluded at 5 pm. A total of 122 Compal employees took part in the event and donated 185 250-cc bags of blood. >
  In 2018, Compal had 350 passionate employees donating 546 bags of blood. If you are qualified, please roll up your sleeves wherever you are and find the closest blood donation truck to donate some blood. Compal is passionate about always helping others!