2018 Compal's Volunteer Club – with the students of Haibin Elementary School played at Dapeng Bay

2018 / 07/ 17

On July 2018, 14th and 15th Compal volunteers launched its summer camp. The first day we went to the east coast of Haibin national elementary school(海濱國小) in Pintung(屏東), we took our children to learn outdoor teaching in the local characteristics and marine ecology. Haibin elementary school is a very characteristic school. It is the only school that has a Confucius temple(孔子廟). Every year, when Confucius is born day, the ceremony will hold and celebrate it by dancing six lines of six(六佾舞) by students at the school. It combined the characteristics of the land so that children can remember the history of their hometown, and by doing so, to achieve the educational goal of cultural inheritance. 
Besides, we also visited wood carving art, to understand the lagoon ecology of Donggang(東港), find and watch crabs and mudskipper (amphibious fish) in the field, and participate in water activities in Dapeng Bay(大鵬灣).
The second day's trip is mainly indoor teaching activities. Something we’d like to share s affirming self-value, earth ecological cognition, teamwork spirit, and aesthetic creation inspiration. Compal’s volunteers hope to bring the summer experience of children in a happy way. They also hope to bring to children that efforts and creative ideas to protect their marine resources and preserve their homeland. And for volunteers, this event also benefits everyone in innovative thinking.