2018 Responding to Earth Day – Compal Volunteers Shakeng Mountain Clean-up

2018 / 04/ 20

   During April of last year, Compal's Electronics,  Inc. volunteer club went to Shakeng Elementary School to tell stories to the children there. Before World Earth Day on April 22nd, Compal's Electronics’ volunteer club arrived at Hengshan Township in Hsinchu County early in the morning of April 20th to go mountain-cleaning with the students of Shakeng Elementary School!

  Everyone gathered at the school’s playground before setting off on the mountain clean-up, where the Principal Yu Zhihong explained to the students what Earth Day is about as it is an important international environmental protection movement day! The theme of the 2018’s Earth Day "End Plastic Pollution" which encourages the young and old participating in the mountain clean-up to reduce the use of disposable plastic products in their daily life, not littering and polluting the Earth’s resources, avoid causing fatal damage to the Earth and other species with plastic products!

< Photo: Shakeng Elementary School Principal Yu Zhihong and the students participating in the Mountain Clean-up, Compal Volunteer club’s colleagues>

  The Principal then explained the relevant precautions, and distributed gloves, clamps, and garbage bags needed for the mountain clean-up, and reminded students to pay attention to road safety during the mountain clean-up. 25 volunteers from the volunteer club walked hand in hand with 25 students as each volunteer accompanied a single student, and departed from the Shakeng Elementary School’s campus for the mountain clean-up. They went to the school’s back hill trail and picked up garbage discarded by the people along the way. After 3 hours of hard work, the 50 mountain cleaners collected a total of 8 bags of garbage, primarily composed of bottled and carton beverages. It was evident that the plastic waste produced by human beings was extremely harmful to residential areas, forests, oceans and rivers!

  Through the mountain clean-up, the Compal's Electronics’ volunteers and the students of Shakeng Elementary School profoundly recognized that everyone is responsible for reducing plastic waste and protecting the environment regardless of age or location! Reducing the use of disposable plastic products starts from our daily lives!