Apart from its main businesses, giving back to society has been a mission of Compal. To encourage our employees to get involved in the community, we launched the "all for public welfare" campaign, encouraging our employees to participate in public services during their leisure time. This concept of volunteer service has also been extended to the colleges, encouraging the highly educated college students to serve the society with their professional skills. 

Compal Volunteer Club
 Compal Volunteer Club was founded in 2004. It mobilizes employees to visit disadvantaged children during weekends and guide them in reading good books. The goal of this program is to help children develop the habit of reading and the ability to think independently, and hence prepare them for future challenges. To date, Compal Volunteer Club has helped child victims of the 921 Earthquake from "Taichung Ziqiang Village," child victims of the "Zhudong Qingchuan Wufeng" landslide disaster, and children with cerebral palsy and Osteogenesis Imperfect in Bali Ai-Hsin Home for Persons with Disabilities. In 2016, 123 Compal volunteers were mobilized to provide service for 100 children at Bali Ai-Hsin Home and assist Hsu  Chauing  Social Welfare and Charity Foundation in the counseling of 315 disadvantaged children and children of new immigrants at Nan Sing Elementary School and Te Lung Elementary School.

College Volunteers

Compal has been working with college clubs and students since 2007 to contribute to the learning of disadvantaged children in remotely located schools and under-funded communities by accompanying them in reading and after-school tuition. In 2016, Compal worked with a total of 382 volunteers from 18 clubs and donated NT$600,000 to benefit of 1,410 children. By the end of 2016, Compal had worked with 3,332 volunteers from 135 clubs and donated NT$4,930,849 to the benefit of 9,815 children.

volunteer Training
       The foundation has been organizing training courses to help improve volunteers' expression skills, course design skills, and observational skills to identify children in need of psychological assistance when accompanying them in their reading. In 2016, Compal Volunteer Club organized a series of "Art Therapy Beginners Workshop" on 11/29, 11/11, 9/22, 7/14, 5/19, 4/14 and 3/31; the workshop taught participants to use illustrated stories, arts, and creative activities to assist in children's mental development. Meanwhile, volunteer clubs from Kinpo and Cal-Comp held their volunteer training courses on 3/18, 4/27 and 6/17.