Customer Health and Safety
        Any product that endangers the health or safety of customers will undermine the Company's image and may even render it liable for substantial claims by consumers. For this reason, Compal tries to prevent its products from causing harm to customers' health and safety in every way it can. Whether or not an organization is able to protect users' health and safety has a direct impact on its reputation, legal/financial risks, market position, and employee morale. To ensure the safety and quality of the Company's products, all products are required to undergo quality controls such as reliability test, compatibility test, compliance test and field test in Taiwan and in other countries during the product design stage or prior to mass production. The Company also conducts reliability tests during mass production to further ensure product stability. In addition, the Maintenance Department routinely prepares product maintenance reports on product issues, causes, impacts and solutions. The content of which provides a reference for product design and maintenance.

Customers' Privacy
        Our privacy has been recognized as a prominent issue at the regulatory level. Companies that violate customers' privacy tend to suffer direct financial impacts and compromise business reputation, customer loyalty and satisfaction over the long term. Until customers have officially launched their products, employees are not allowed to disclose product appearance, design, specifications or technical information in any way. Compal is committed to protecting customers' information in every step along the way. In 2016, Compal received no complaints whatsoever concerning violations or leakage of customers' privacy.

The following is a description of Compal's customer privacy management system

Service and Product Labeling
        We manufacture precision consumer electronics. Complex as they may be, clear and detailed labeling of product specifications is an important consideration for consumers' decisions. Therefore, it is our practice to make sure that all certification and labeling conform with customers' demands and local regulations, so that consumers are given reliable information to choose the products that suit them. There had been no fines of significant monetary value imposed against the Company for non-compliance with laws and regulations concerning the provision or use of products and services.

Product Quality Satisfaction Survey
        Compal is dedicated to providing the best products and services to customers, and strives to maintain the sound business relationship with them. Compal values the needs and advice of all its customers, and treats them as a basis for ongoing improvements and innovation. To facilitate the execution of production projects, all product divisions constantly engage their customers to communicate and keep track of project progress, technology development, supplies and other relevant issues.

        Compal engages its main customers in regular surveys and scores on several aspects of its service. The following table shows how customers had rated Compal's product quality in 2016:

Customer contact