Compal's Management Team

       Compal's management team consists of elite industry professionals with extensive experience. Driven by integrity and accountability, they constantly explore areas of improvement from a technical as well as a managerial perspective, and embrace challenges with wisdom in order to satisfy stakeholders' expectations.

Global Operations

        Our corporate headquarters is located in Neihu District of Taipei; this is the hub of Compal's operations including administration, sales, purchasing, accounting and finance. The headquarters is also where most R&D activities take place. Branches in China, US, Brazil, Poland, and Mexico have also been successively established to enable flexible service and quick response to our customers. Compal is now a globally renowned ODM company of 5C electronics.

        Compal and its overseas production centers, as well as customers and suppliers, are linked via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), which simplifies processes and ensures complete records through back-end database integration. By taking full advantage of global market trends, we have been able to apply best regional practices on a global scale, while at the same time simplifying the customer service system. By utilizing our existing production and marketing systems, we have the ability to produce products in great varieties and small quantities within a very short time. Currently, we take only 48 hours from ordering to shipment, which enables us to provide the most comprehensive and immediate services to meet customers' needs.


Future Prospects

        Although there remain many uncertainties in the year ahead, We believe the most challenging times to be over and expects to make progress in business development. In the meantime, we will continue to enhance its corporate strength and invest into innovation, coordination, resource integration and efficiency improvements throughout the organization to further enhance profitability and competitiveness.

Board of Directors

        Directors are chosen from persons with extensive industrial, commercial, business administration, and academic expertise and experience. Currently, the board consists of 15 directors (including 3 independent directors), all of whom are male, including 1 in the 31~50 age group and 14 aged more than 51. The board of directors exercise their rights based on legal regulations, company charter and resolutions of the shareholders' meeting and is responsible for planning the Company's strategies and monitor the management team and effectiveness of the operations to ensure maximum benefits to the Company's stakeholders and create maximum profits for the shareholders.

        The chief auditor is regularly invited to report on the audit progress during the board of directors' meetings. Apart from the chief auditor, other employees may also be called to participate in board meetings, depending on the agenda discussed. The board held 6 meetings in 2016; directors' attendance rate averaged 87.78%.

Compal Board Members