Health is the most valuable asset to any individual. We hope to provide employees an environment where they can work free of safety concerns, therefore we maintain a security system, organize regular disaster/fire safety drills, promote environmental safety and offer employees recreational facilities where they can relax after work. In doing so, we hope to make employees feel satisfied and at peace with their work, and thereby reduce chances of work injury and absenteeism.

Workplace Safety Assurance    
        Compal complies with ISMS (Information Safety Management 
System) and requires employees to wear staff IDs inside plants. The access card system at each entrance and exit controls personnel’s access privileges. For clients, suppliers, and other visitors, a security system is used to record the time of visit, the number of visitors, and regulate the areas and time open to visitors. Compal's security personnel work in shifts 24 hour hours a day to control entry of personnel and objects, perform safety inspections day and night inside and outside plants, monitor the presence of visitors and overtime workers, check incoming/outgoing vehicles, and perform traffic control.     

Environment Inspection
        To provide a safe workplace and community for our staff and residents, each plant has been staffed with a unit responsible for routine inspection, maintenance and identification of hazardous factors in the work environment. Traffic safety measures, power safety measures, security measures, drinking water tests, emergency lighting, smoke detector tests, fire safety equipment tests, lighting protection tests, and effluent tests are all part of the inspections performed by this unit. The Smart Devices Business Group at Taiwan Headquarter tests office lighting, CO2 concentration, electromagnetic absorbency rate and lab organic solvent concentration twice a year.

Disaster Prevention and Fire Drill
        We implement training sessions once a year on disaster prevention. Training is delivered via e-learning and all employees are required to complete the course. The course provides abundant and accurate information on how to handle situations such as fire, storm, flood, and earthquake. The purpose of this training is to help employees build up awareness towards preventing disasters as part of daily life. For fire, the most common hazard of all, the Company organizes fire drills to make employees understand the important steps and facts about fire prevention. Fire drills are implemented every year at all plants worldwide; the progress of which is posted on the intranet for future reference.

Environmental Safety and Health Training
        To provide a safe workplace and community for our staff and residents, each plant has been staffed with a unit responsible for routine inspection, maintenance and identification of hazardous factors in the work environment.

Nutrition and  Hygiene
        To provide employees a safe and healthy working environment, Compal has arranged janitors to perform regular environmental cleaning and maintenance. In addition, Compal offers red meat-free menus on the first working day of each month to address employees’ diet requirements. Foods served in the cafeteria have been specially designed by nutritionists on a weekly basis to control calorie intake and ensure employees' healthy diet. For the health of every employee, Compal also performs active audit and tracking on group meals.

Fitness and Recreation Center
        Compal provides its employees a place to exercise after work, where they may relieve physical and mental stress built up at work as well as meet other employees who share the same interests. Employees tend to return to work energized and ready to face more challenges after completing a session at the Fitness and Recreation Center.

Performance of the Infirmary
        Employees are the most important capital to a company; a healthy workforce is a key to a company's operations. Compal has infirmaries created at its Neihu Office and Pingzhen Plant since 2013 and 2015, respectively. They are dedicated to assisting employees in attaining work-life balance, physical and mental health, and developing proper healthcare awareness that would lead to a healthy life. Compal and subsidiary - Henghao Technology regularly invite physicians to provide health consultation service for employees at factories. All plant sites are equipped with automated external defibrillators (AED) and blood pressure monitors that employees may use to track their health and at times of emergency.

Health Promotion and Workplace Safety

Voluntary Health Management