Supplier Greenhouse Gas Management Program

        Compal sees suppliers as critical business partners, and hopes to build long-term and stable supply chains through cooperation. In addition to supplier assessments, Compal also requires suppliers to devote their efforts to environmental protection.
We initiated supplier greenhouse gas management in 2016. The purpose of this program is to investigate how suppliers have adapted to the world of increasing greenhouse gases, shortened water resources and climate change, as well as how well they have implemented responsive measures. Through periodic tracking, communication, experience sharing and information updates, we hope to stimulate learning among suppliers and create a green supply chain that can withstand changes in the natural environment.

Corporate Environmental Education
   Green Experience
Compal encourages employees to care for the land we live in and find ways to "co-exist" with the environment. Through physical participation, we hope to make employees appreciate the wonders of green and sustainable environment, and reflect these values through action at work and in life.
This is the reason that the Company has incorporated green experience activities into its environmental education and employees' training. Some of the activities organized in the previous year included: a trip to Nan-Aou Natural Farm, tasting of Pinglin organic tea, crab preservation at Kenting, a trip to the organic farm, and International Coastal Cleanup. Not only were these activities deeply meaningful in their educational implications, they also provided an opportunity for employees to teach their children about nature and preservation, and grow respect to our one and only Earth.


      Education and Training
In 2016, a total of 614 new recruits completed the 0.5-hour online environmental training. The course covered a variety of topics from green living, preservation of ecosystem, climate changes, to green design. In the future, the Company will also make "green product" a mandatory course and begin involvement in green design issues. A core team will be assembled specifically for the purpose of improving green energy efficiency and building up Compal's distinguished status in the ICT industry.