The Chairman of  Compal, Rock Hsu, always says: "People are the foundation of an organization; without the people, an organization would cease to function." Compal has always adopted a "people-oriented" philosophy and believes that employees are the Company’s strategic partner. Only when employees grow on a continuous basis may the Company sustain its business. The structural changes that an organization makes in response to global trends also require the support from all levels of employees in order to succeed.

Employee Rights

       All employees are protected by a collective barging agreement at the time they sign their contracts of employment. In addition, the Company has labor policies in place to provide employees with a broad range of benefits from competitive and attractive compensation to the club and recreational activities. It is our hope to provide employees with the optimum work-life balance. Compal also pays constant attention to employees' physical and mental state, work performance and family life, and strives to create a healthy, safe, comfortable and fully equipped work environment. Both Compal and Henghao Technology abide by the rules of RBA and the laws of every country in which it operations. Compal has events established its own employment policy to protect the rights of workers.


Employees' welfares

Employee Benefits

   ◆ Recruitment

       The Headquarter of Compal Taiwan, overseas production centers and Henghao Technology have committed themselves to recruiting employees solely based on personal character, ability, and match with the duties assigned. Under no circumstances would the Company allow different treatment for race, ethnicity, social status, lineage, religion, disability, gender, sexual preference, family attachment, marital status, political association, age or any other form of discrimination. No compliant had arisen in 2016 due to discrimination against the employee. 

  ◆ Human Rights Protection

       Also, Compal's Taiwan Headquarter, overseas production centers and Henghao Technology all assure employees the right to work free of retaliation, threat, and indebted labor. Employees have entitled the freedom of resigning from their current employment, provided that an advanced notice and all necessary procedures are completed in accordance with local regulations.
Employees may raise complaints in accordance with "Regulations for Prevention, Correction, Complaint and Punishment of Sexual Harassment at Workplace" for any threat, abuse, exploitation, and coercive sexual harassment they encounter at work, whether in the form of body gesture, verbal or body contact. Compal provides sexual harassment complaint hotline while Henghao Technology has a sexual harassment mailbox set up at the factory to assure employees that all complaints are properly handled.

 ◆ Attendance System
The company plans its attendance system according to local laws and regulations. Employees are offered unpaid leave, illness leave, family care leave, menstrual leave, wedding/funeral leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, parental leave, special leave, and compensatory leave. Employees are given the flexibility to take leave of absence as needed without worries.


 ◆ Salary and Bonus
We conduct salary comparisons of similar positions in the related industries and review the performance of all employees and their career development annually to establish a competitive and appealing salary system. In addition to steady monthly salaries, the Company also offers employee year-end bonuses, patent and innovation rewards, monthly performance bonuses for operators, and bonuses for production capacity breakthroughs. The employee is paid equally without discrimination of gender or any other factors.

 ◆ Pension Scheme
Compal’s pension system has been established in accordance with relevant regulations and the Company's policies. Employees who came onboard on and after July 1, 2005 are subject to the "Labor Pension Act" (the New Scheme), for which the Company is required to make pension contributions at a rate no lesser than required by law. Employees who came onboard on and before June 30, 2005 are given the choice to adopt the New Scheme or the Old Scheme after July 1, 2005. In response to the implementation of "Labor Pension Act," the following standards have been implemented since July 1, 2005: (Labor Pension Act)

  1.  For employees who opted to adopt the Old Scheme under the Labor Standards Act and meet the retirement criteria, the Company awards two credits for every full year of service and one credit or every year beyond 15 years. Total credit is capped at 45. Work duration less than six months is awarded half year's credit, and work duration more than six months is awarded a full year's credit. Duration of extended unpaid leave is deducted from total years of service.
  2. For employees who came onboard on or after July 1, 2005, the Labor Pension Act applies. The Company contributes an amount equivalent to 6% of employees' monthly salary into their personal pension accounts in accordance with the Labor Pension Monthly Contribution Wage Chart.
  3. For employees who came onboard before July 1, 2005 and opted to adopt the New Scheme under the Labor Pension Act, the Company contributes an amount equivalent to 6% of employees' monthly salary into their personal pension accounts in accordance with the Labor Pension Monthly Contribution Wage Chart from the time the Labor Pension Act takes effect. In addition, years of service accumulated prior to July 1, 2005 are retained and used for calculation of pension benefit in accordance with the Labor Standards Act upon employees' retirement.
  4. Pension benefits are paid from the pension account held with Bank of Taiwan. For employees who came onboard before July 1, 2005, the Company contributes an amount equivalent to 2% of employees' monthly salary into the pension account held with Bank of Taiwan. This contribution percentage is reviewed annually based on actuary's calculations. The balance of pension fund as at 2016 sufficiently covered accrued pension liabilities.

 ◆  Childbirth Incentive Policy

       In response to the government's birth incentive policy, Compal has been offering a subsidy of NT$66,000 for every child that employees of Taiwan headquarter has given birth to since 2011. This policy has been in place for 5 years. With the support of Chairman Hsu, the Company has paid out NT$113.256 million in subsidies for a total of 1,716 newborn babies between 2011 and 2016.

Employee contact