Green Supply Chain

       In order to promote corporate social responsibility awareness among suppliers for the sustainability of the supply chain, Compal requires all its suppliers to be certified for ISO9001 (quality management system) and ISO14001 (environmental management system), and follow RBA(EICC) guidelines by signing a letter of commitment to the behavioral standards to the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition®. Under this commitment, suppliers are bound to comply with international, national and local regulations with respect to all activities.
        In the first half of 2016, Compal hosted two sessions of "Green Product Seminar" at Taipei and Bacheng as a means of conveying Compal's commitment in global environmental protection and quality management issues. During the seminars, Compal invited its supply partners to collaborate and assist with this cause, and took the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience with suppliers on corporate social responsibility issues.
         Furthermore, Compal's Green Sustainability Office prepares and disseminates e-newsletters on a regular basis. Through communication and practices, the office aims to influence suppliers in a positive way and convince them into working with us on environmental issues.