Enhanced Learning Equipment

Computer Donations and Promotion of Digital/Mobile Learning in Remote Areas
        Compal continued its collaboration with Fu Jen Catholic University Remote Area Education Care Center, Department of Information and Technology Education (Ministry of Education) and Hualien County Education Network Center to promote digital mobile learning for remotely located junior high schools and elementary schools. In this program, Compal donated mobile devices such as notebook and tablet PCs that students may use for purposes such as course review, self-learning, research, remedial teaching, reading and related learning activities. It is an excellent example of how mobile equipment can be combined with learning resources to create new mobile learning model. In 2016, Compal donated 503 tablet PCs to schools located in Hualien, Taitung, and central and southern Taiwan; in addition, 60 tablet PCs were donated to Chang Shing Elementary School (Pingtung) while 21 AIO PCs were donated to Wen Huah Elementary School (Taoyuan) to realize digital mobile learning at remotely located junior high and elementary schools.

Donation of 50 NBs to Program the World Association
        Compal donated 50 NBs to Program the World Association as a show of support for its "Program the World" initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to develop children's logical thinking through programming, and hopefully, after 7 years of hard work, these children may have the skills to write programs and develop applications on their own. Through programming, we hope to give children the tools and knowledge to make a difference in their future!


Guidance Courses
        Hsu  Chauing  Social Welfare and Charity Foundation is a foundation jointly established by Kinpo Group and Compal Group. It exists to provide emergency assistance for children, elders, disadvantaged families, and victims of a major disaster. Below are some of the assistance programs the foundation has organized in recent years to support education and extracurricular study of disadvantaged students:
  emedial Teaching for Disadvantaged Students in Taoyuan
        The foundation organized remedial teaching for elementary schools in need. Professional tutors were invited to arouse students' learning interest and develop a teaching structure that complements what students have learned at school. This program is intended to build confidence and learning motivation within students. It benefited a total of 45 students in Jong Jen Elementary School (Taoyuan). Compal has also been working with Ming Chuan University Teacher Education Center to provide after-school tuition for students in need. A total of 67 students from Da Cheng Junior High School,  Da You  Junior High School, Hsing-Fu Junior High School and Guei Shan Junior High School had benefited from this arrangement.
Arts Study for Disadvantaged Students in Taoyuan
        In an attempt to provide disadvantaged and willing students with adequate resources to learn, the foundation has been working with schools in Taoyuan to create art courses and provide more learning opportunities to uncover students' arts potential. Currently, a total of 1400 students from 54 schools have participated in the program.
Dream Come True Program
        "Dream Come True" is a program that aims to direct the attention of Kinpo and Compal employees into caring and financially supporting the growth of potential but disadvantaged children in Taoyuan. By tending to children's growth on a monthly basis, the program gives beneficiaries the motivation they need to advance and become self-dependent and thus creates a progressive cycle that prevents poverty from being passed down to the next generation. The program has so far benefited 840 students from 30 elementary schools. Other activities such as progress announcement and reunion were organized during the year, and a total of 254 students had participated.


Practical Courses
Establishment of Technology Classroom and Training of Teaching Talent
        A 3D classroom and a tablet technology classroom were established in Chang Shing Elementary School (Pingtung), and six learning locations have been set up within Pingtung County. With the help of professors from National Kaohsiung Normal University, these facilities are being used to train natural science teachers in Pingtung County. A total of 2,672 teachers from 7 schools had participated in the program.
3D Printing Exploratory Course
         At Changjhih Township Public Library, experts were invited to teach community residents and children design their own name tags in the form of parental activities. 4 sessions were held and a total of 100 people had participated in the course.


Compal Sunshine Scholarship

        Compal has been sponsoring face-burnt students of high school education and above with their computer studies through "Compal Sunshine Scholarship." The scholarship was created in cooperation with Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation and was intended to help burn victims develop self-sustaining skills. A total of 7 candidates had passed the review in 2016; each was granted NT$10,000 worth of scholarship. Up to 2016, more than 173 students are qualified for the scholarships.

Hsu Chauing Scholarship
        The scholarship program was launched to encourage children of new immigrants in their studies amidst the harsh environment. A total of 210 students from 31 junior high schools and 54 elementary schools were awarded the scholarship in 2016.



Care for the Disadvantaged
        Compal, in the spirit of humanitarianism, provides caring support and timely assistance to disadvantaged groups and international disaster relief. Employees would voluntary mobilize themselves from time to time to visit children's home and nursing home, where they extend care for the residents.
Charity Arts Exhibition and Concert
         In order to provide disadvantaged children a chance to showcase their drawing, music and special talents, we collaborated with Hsu Chauing Social Welfare and Charity Foundation in 2016 and invited children of our drawing and talent classes to exhibit their works. Some of the best creations were chosen by children's teachers to be auctioned at the lobby of Compal Tower. Meanwhile, students from percussion and violin classes of Yisheng Elementary School were invited to perform live on stage. Proceeds from the charity auction and performance were donated back to Hsu Chauing Social Welfare and Charity Foundation to be used as funds for children's talent classes. A sum of NT$18,000 was raised from charity auction while NT$50,000 were raised from music performance. Supporters of the Living Water project were also present for the non-profit sale of coffee, and their efforts were highly supported by Compal employees.