Talent Cultivation

Compal's talent cultivation and development has been established to support the Company's overall strategies, talent plans, organization structure, and corporate vision. Development focus and tasks are defined for organizational and departmental goals. The requirements of competency development shape the construction of a comprehensive learning/development system and roadmap that provides employees with a rich and varied selection of learning channels. An individual development plan is also provided to employees. Cross-evaluation of performance indicators and potential assessment indicators is used to select key talent. We also strive to cultivate the self-learning ability of employees to prepare them for a technology industry where rapid change and reforms are the only constants. A Compal academic credit system was also implemented for managing the learning performance of all managers. We are continuing to foster a learning organization to open up career prospects and a better future for Compal employees.

Compal began thinking about what workplace skills employees need in response to our rapid global development and organizational staffing requirements so that we can keep pace with change. A rich range of competency courses were therefore developed to prepare workers in advance, strengthen and cultivate the abilities and qualities we need, and compensate for existing weaknesses in learning. In total, more than NT$30 million was invested towards the cultivation of talent across the world during 2023. Total training hours also reached 2.15 million hours. The human capital return on investment rate (ROI) for Compal was 2.18 in 2023.

2023 Training Statistics for Taiwan Plants
Global Training Data in 2023

Diverse Learning Channels

Compal has developed a comprehensive internal learning management system for talent cultivation. The Company’s learning resources are integrated through e-learning so that employees at all Compal plants can share in our extensive knowledge and learning platform. The E-learning platform offers personalized learning for employees so they know their exact academic progress. The learning roadmap can also be used to track progress., Big data analysis is even used by Compal to obtain a full picture of learning & development by employees. Compal’s continued promotion of e-learning saw global cumulative visits reach 520,000 in 2023.
Employee Development Programs
Program 1. Promotion credit system
To ensure that every Compal employee possesses the knowledge and skills required for their role when they are appointed to a new management position, hierarchical learning courses were developed for different competencies. By enhancing the employee’s character and ability, we can satisfy the needs of organizational development and maximize training perform through more effective use of training resources. The skill requirements for each position are clearly defined. Open and transparent mechanisms for continuing education have been drawn up to align employees’ growth with performance targets and business development.
Establishing a common Compal lexicon from top-down promotion of training system
Compal responded to the latest market trend in 2023 by continuing to enhance the soft power of employees through internal optimizations so they can adapt to the new changes. We rethought and reorganized the key skills required for each position to focus on the core talent development model. The course content framework was also optimized and rebuilt to better align with Compal’s common language. Between 2017 and 2023, training was conducted 26,405 times for a total of 180,928 training hours. Aggressive promotion each year saw a 120% increase in the number of trained employee and training hours in 2023 compared to the previous year. Compal will continue to implement this program in the future to cultivate sustainable talent development.

The promotion credit system is an initiative that has been running for more than six years so far. Through the program, every employee making the transition from individual worker to manager receive the most practical and realistic training from the Company to improve their sustainable employability. In 2023, 56.9% employees were able to improve the skills required for their new position through the promotion credit system. The system also played a part in the promotion of 19.9% employees. It now continues to construct a positive feedback loop between the promotion of Compal’s business development and corporate culture. The goal is to establish a common language for our talent pool.

Program 2. Individual Development Plan

A total of 2,207 employees took part in this program in 2023. The retention rate of participating employees reached 98.4% as well.  The program is therefore conducive to the continued forging of quality talent, building of key knowledge, and improving of overall competitiveness at Compal.

Language Ability Improvement Program
In order to improve employees' English ability, international perspective, and cross-cultural understanding in response to the advent era of global competition, we provide a diversified English learning environment so that the organization can be connected to the global market.
Periodic Performance Appraisal

Compliance of Code of Conduct:

Establishing a system of rewards and penalties for employees’ compliance with the code of conduct, including incorporating it into employee performance appraisal systems, and linking it to their compensation. If an employee violates the company's code of conduct, verified violations will result in disciplinary action, and in severe cases, termination of their employment contract.

New Employee Training Program