Member of Responsible Business Alliance


Compal requires the suppliers to undertake the responsibilities of environment, labor, management system, ethics and safety and health standards by signing the "Letter of Commitment to Comply with RBA Standards" to eliminate child labor, discrimination, freedom of association, forced labor and other related human rights persecution. It also requires the suppliesr to understand and follow Compal's steps and ideas, and care for the environment together regarding social issues of labor, health and safety. 

Compal joined the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and became an official member since the end of 2013. Compal supports the goals, visions, and rules of RBA both as an RBA member and as a corporate citizen. It works with other members of the RBA to ensure the sustainability of the electronics industry. 
There are 5 main aspects to RBA's codes: labor, ethics, environment, safety and health, and management system. As a member, Compal is obligated to comply with RBA codes on all 5 aspects, which is why the Company has taken steps to protect workers' rights, uphold business integrity, implement supply chain management, ensure environmental sustainability, enforce workplace safety and health, and create an efficient management system. 

Compal has been certified by RBA in 2023, which includes the Code of Conduct and the compliance system for enforcing the Code , such as violations report, investigations, tracking and review process of internal control systems, and taking corrective measures to prevent recurrence, all of  the relevant procedures have been verified by the third-party independent organization RBA to ensure the compliance.

The RBA Code is revised every three years. The RBA Code of Conduct 8.0 was released and came into effect on January 1, 2024. The original five main themes remain unchanged: (A) Labor, (B) Health and Safety, (C) Environment, (D) Ethics, and (E) Management Systems. The new version aims to further strengthen issues such as gender equality, precarious work, employee participation, living wages, and compensation. The VAPnote Operations Manual V8.0.1 was released and came into effect in 2024.

Note: Validated Audit Process (VAP): This is an external verification process. In addition to internal audits conducted by suppliers, third-party verification agencies such as SGS, Intertek, and BSI are arranged to conduct on-site audits at the supplier's manufacturing site. For example, they may check whether operators are wearing safety gear correctly or whether machines are equipped with fail-safes to prevent injuries.

Note: The items marked in blue indicate the main updates this time. For example, in the previous version, C8 Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gases only required disclosure of Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. However, version 8.0 adds the disclosure of significant Scope 3 emissions.

Updated on July 16, 2024