Social Care - Influence

Compal Social Inclusion Vision: Create a society of “new happiness”through a “caring” enterprise by leverage the spirit of compassionand energy in every Compal employee.

Compal has long invested in innovative R&D and digital technology products to better human life. We have been actively investing in smart healthcare in recent years as well so that all human beings and other species on Earth can live in peace and happiness. Employees are encouraged to contribute their strengths and volunteer. Emphasis is placed on improving the quality of learning for disadvantaged students, bridging the rural-urban gap in education, promoting rural community development, and sustainable environment and ecology. We hope that everyone can have the power to use knowledge in a diverse and inclusive ways. We support the development that upholds regional characteristics while also improving the international competitiveness of individuals and communities.

The combined powers of Compal employees are channeled through Hsu Chauing Social Welfare Foundation, group subsidiaries, affiliates, customers and supply chain partners to fill society with the energy of happiness through “corporate philanthropy.” Create a society of “new happiness” through a “caring” enterprise by leveraging the spirit of compassion and energy in every Compal employee. Realize the sustainability mission of “giving back to society.”

Public Welfare Allocation

Updated on July 18, 2024