Stakeholder Engagement

Purouse of communication with Stakeholders       

Compal believes that effective engagement with stakeholders is the main goal of communication. Only by finding the most important stakeholder can we shorten the unnecessary process in communication. The following communication goals were set after discussions by the ESG teams for disclosures through the report:
  • Enhance communication with customers, supply chains, and investors to seek their approval on Compal's implementation of sustainability.
  • Enhance employee participation in sustainability as well as boost employee rapport and loyalty by embracing sustainability on a corporate level.
  • Effective communication with the government, media, and communities to understand and respond to their demands in an appropriate manner.
An editorial team was assembled by the CSR Office for the purpose of this report. Using the AccountAbility Stakeholder Engagement Standard (abbreviated as AA1000 SES below) and related information provided by the business, the editorial team has selected various possible stakeholders. After the discussion and evaluation of weight (responsibility, influence, tension, reliability, multiple perspectives) by the editorial team, 8 types of Compal stakeholders are selected, namely: customers, employees, investors/shareholders, suppliers, government agencies, media, community residents, and non-profit organizations.
The Company has channels set up to facilitate communication with each of the above stakeholders, while individual units have also been created to communicate with specific groups of stakeholders.
Stakeholders’Communication Channels 
The stakeholder's communication platform is as follows, contact person please refer to

Communication Channel and Method 


2023 Communications 


Regular communication and discussion conference


  • Discussion of certification-related activities during project and audit meetings.
  • Tracking, impact analysis, and response plans for new regulations
  • Analysis and internalization of customer requirements as Compal’s own supplier management requirements to ensure 100% compliance with customer specifications on hazardous substance restrictions
  • The identification of internal external issues with the information security management is conducted every six months to establish stakeholder expectations of the information security management system (including customer requirements on information security)

Email discussion

Attend Customers' supplier conferences and ask related questions


Customer audits


Conference of Labor-management Communication


  • Hazardous substance management education and training was conducted in Taiwan. The 4 sessions were attended by 3,600 people.
  • Open and constructive communications with employees through a variety of channels at Taiwan and overseas plants via telephone/e-mail/online consultation.
  • A total of 37 labor-management meetings and occupational health and safety committee meetings were convened by each plant. The EAP counseling system hotline was used 1,355 times.
  • A total of 281 employee responses were received from the survey on material topics for stakeholders.
  • The employee happiness survey at Taiwan and China plants received 23,386 responses from employees and the average score was 72.97. Contact point:,
  • Social engineering drills and information security education are conducted every quarter and education and training conducted every year to enhance employee information security awareness. Internal/external audits are conducted on a regular basis along with continuous improvement. Contact point: #ISMS_TPE (IT Information Security Team)
  • Personal privacy education and audits. Contact point:
  • E-mails or telephone calls to encourage participation in volunteering activities and in response to charity events. Contact point: Compal ESG FB fan page,


Internal Publications Welcome Employee’s Life Creation


Convening of Welfare Committee



Intranet and Employee Opinion Box, Illegal Infringement (incl. Sexual Harassment) in the Workplace Complaint Mailbox, Fraud or Violation of Ethical Conduct Report Mailbox

Event promotion by intranet and email; Compa ESG FB fan page push notification and opinions response

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Education Training


Employee happiness survey at Taiwan and China plants


Shareholders' Meeting


  • Hosting of annual Shareholders’ Meeting chaired personally by the Chairman. Explanation of the Company developments during the year and future outlook, as well as responding to material topics of concern to shareholder.
  • Hosted institutional investor conferences or took part in investment forums a total of 13 times in 2023. Explanation of the Company’s development strategy, finances, and business situation, and engaging in two-way communication with investors.
  • The investor communication mailbox received, opened and responded to 18 cases during 2023. Main focus was on the Company’s finances and business. Explanations were provided by the Company in response to the inquiries. Contact point:  Spokesperson, deputy spokesperson, Investor Relations officer,

Investor seminar


Market observation post system



Periodic publication of the Company’s annual reports, quarterly reports, and monthly revenues



Communication of the latest relevant regulations via the internal supplier system, Sustainability website




  • Communication of the latest regulatory requirements through the SDCP (Supplier Design Collaboration Portal System) including updates on global green product regulations and implementation guidelines.
  • Supplier customer service contact point established by SDCP for centralized collection and response to all supplier difficulties regarding hazardous substance declarations.
  • Implementation of outsourcing supplier audits to enforce the information security management requirements stipulated in supplier contracts. Conduct the supplier information security self-assessment survey for 5 suppliers every six months. Completed at 10 suppliers during 2023.
  • Invited 34 key suppliers to join the Compal ONE+N net zero acceleration plan for the electronics industry. A supplier conference was also hosted offline.
  • Launched “ESG GO Training platform” to share a series of online courses related to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, corporate governance and green energy and manufacturing technologies, etc. Contact point: ​

Email discussion

Supplier Complaints Mailbox


Official document 




  • Received and processed government regulations and correspondence from Department of Environmental Protection
  • Received power/water outage notices and related policy information from the power/water utilities
  • Reported on progress in green purchasing and discussion of climate-related reduction and mitigation issues
  • Participated in Industrial Development Administration’s pre-pandemic low-carbon programs and worked with suppliers to reduce actual carbon emissions by 10,000 tonnes
  • Respond to the "Guidelines on Cyber Security Management for TWSE/TPEx-Listed Companies” issued by the Financial Supervisory Commission and regulatory changes announced by the government at various times.​

Actual visits

Participation in government projects


Press Conference


  • Hosting of annual press conference hosted personally by the Chairman. Explanation of the Company’s annual results, future outlook, and communication of material topics of concern to the media.
  • A total 19 press releases were issued in 2023. Product launches or press conferences on business partnerships were also held. Media announcements gave the outside world a better understanding of the Company’s business developments and activities. Contact point:  Spokesperson, Deputy Spokesperson

Press release

Media mailbox/Telephone


Participation in Community Activities


  • Sponsorship of the annual Neihu Technology Park charity road run. Employees were recruited to form a team to take part in the road run and to participate in community blood donation drives.
  • Sponsorship of in-person tutoring for rural children in New Taipei City, Taoyuan, Miaoli, Kaohsiung, Hualien, and Taitung, sponsorship of mobile library for rural communities in Kaohsiung, and establishment of the Compal iReading network.
  • Partnered with the Society of Wilderness on wetlands conservation at Sheliu Community for Rehabilitation of Acrostichum aureum - protection of native species, removal of invasive services and environmental education.
  • Encouraged university students to volunteer with local communities and implement the 17 SDGs.
  • Compal ESG website shared 140 posts through Latest News with all stakeholders. FB fan page achieved 34,956 views.Contact point: Compal ESG FB fan page,​

Compa ESG FB fan page push notification and opinions response


Email discussion

Telephone Discussion

Non-profit Organizations

Participation in Charity Events


  • Co-hosting of coastal clean-up or environmental protection education awareness events.
  • Partnered with Hsu Chauing Social Welfare Charity Foundation to assist disadvantaged students with improving their quality of learning and provide support services for impoverished families.
  • Partnered with universities, colleges as well as rural junior high schools/elementary schools throughout Taiwan on providing volunteer services.
  • Support for charity events of non-profit organizations: Partner units included Hsu Chauing Social Welfare Charity Foundation, Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation, the Society of Wilderness, Taiwan Environmental Information Association, The General Association of Chinese Culture etc.
  • Partnered with Shuiyuan Village Theater to give elementary students from rural communities the chance to enjoy theatrical performances while also learning about environmental risk awareness and crisis management.
  • Compal ESG website shared 140 posts through Latest News with all stakeholders. FB fan page achieved 34,956 views. Contact point: Compal CSR FB fan page,



On-site Visits


Compa ESG FB fan page push notification and opinions response


Updated on July 2, 2024