Education Support

Enhanded Learning Equipment
2023 Donation of Wireless desk Lamps and Digital Devices for "Bilingual Policy" and "Maker Education Project"
In 2023, 235 wireless desk lamps and 20 used notebooks were donated by Compal to upgrade the quality of digital education in the community and assist disadvantaged schoolchildren with learning at home. 2. Compal has donated 485 wireless desk lamps and 6,733 mobile digital devices since 2011. 1. Donated devices improve accessibility to quality digital learning opportunities for disadvantaged schoolchildren and local residents at rural schools and community DOCs. 2. Helped poor students combat the threat to health and eyesight posed by poorly lit reading environments at home.
2022 Compal's "Care for Those Who Live in Remote Areas and Spread Hope" Project Makes 100 iPad Donation. 
Compal's "Care for those who live in remote areas and spread hope" project allows Jinshan Elementary School in Guanxi Township, Hsinchu County to get new equipment. It received a donation of 20 iPads from the Luminous Angels School Companion Program of the company on the morning of the June, 24th. This donation is expected to kindle children's interests in collaborative learning in English across the school. It enables children to connect with others and have the courage to follow their dreams as they develop a new channel of self-confidence in learning.
Adhering to the spirit of giving back to society, Compal continues focusing on the learning needs of children in remote areas so it can help close the educational gap between urban and rural areas. Donations, such as 100 iPads, allow children in remote areas the same access as those in urban areas so they continue learning without interruption. Compal also wishes that children have complete and convenient long-distance online learning equipment so they can learn English with their senior schoolmates to open up new channels of opportunities.

2009~2022 Donation of Computers for Promoting Remoting Remote Village and Community Mobile Learning
Compal continued its collaboration with the Fu Jen Catholic University Remote Area Education Care Center, Department of Information and Technology Education (Ministry of Education), and Hsu Chauing Social Welfare and Charity Foundation to promote digital mobile learning for remotely located junior high schools and elementary schools. In this program, Compal donated mobile devices such as notebooks and tablet PCs that students may use for purposes such as course review, self-learning, research, remedial teaching, reading, and related learning activities. It is an excellent example of how mobile equipment can be combined with learning resources to create a new mobile learning model.  

In 2020, we expanded our Participated in "Care for Rural and Hope Buds" camp aign initiated by KMPG, and donated 20 notebooks to DOC Opportunity Center of Huxi Township, Penghu and Dong Yang Primary School, Tainan to improve the quality of education. In addition, we also donated 0to Kids alive International Association in Taitung, Hai shan Child Welfare in Taitung, Keelung Christian Church in BaiFung, and 8 elementary and secondary and primary school in Pingtung.

In 2021, the COVID-19 epidemic is severe. During the tertiary epidemic prevention alert in Taiwan, disadvantaged children in rural communities have changed to online classes due to school curricula, making their learning situation even more difficult. Compal has always been committed to shortening the gap between urban and rural education. In order to enable more school children to learn without interruption, it has donated tablet computers and other companies to participate in the World Vision "2021 Epidemic Rise-Distance Learning for Disadvantaged Children" charity project.

In 2022, Compal staff donated 120 tablets to 4 elementary schools and 3 community opportunity centers to promote bilingual learning and the development of innovative education for schoolchildren, cultivate self-motivated learning and the maker spirit, and upgrade the quality of digital education in the community.


Guidance Courses
Hsu  Chauing  Social Welfare and Charity Foundation is a foundation jointly established by Kinpo Group and Compal Group. It exists to provide emergency assistance for children, elders, disadvantaged families, and victims of a major disaster. Below are some of the assistance programs the foundation has organized in recent years to support education and extracurricular study of disadvantaged students:

Arts Study for Disadvantaged Students in Taoyuan
In an attempt to provide disadvantaged and willing students with adequate resources to learn, the foundation has been working with schools in Taoyuan to create art courses and provide more learning opportunities to uncover students' art potential. 
Dream Come True Program
"Dream Come True" is a program that aims to direct the attention of Kinpo and Compal employees into caring and financially supporting the growth of potential but disadvantaged children in Taoyuan. By tending to children's growth on a monthly basis, the program gives beneficiaries the motivation they need to advance and become self-dependent, and thus creates a progressive cycle that prevents poverty from being passed down to the next generation. 
The efforts of a little dreamer
Pen Pal Relationship
Compal participated in the Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity Foundation "New Penpal Relationship-Hand in Hand and Walk Forward Together" event. 2021 is the third consecutive year. Compal  colleagues are writing mail back and forth with children from high-risk families in the Taitung area once a month to exchange what they see and hear in life, and cheer each other up.
Newspaper Reading Trial Class - Pingtung
It's 11th years that Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity Foundation took the initiative to sponsor schools in Pingtung, hoping to help students develop the global vision, social awareness, and civilized behavior by learning from newspapers. 
Establishment of Technology Classroom and Training of Teaching Talent
A 3D classroom and a tablet technology classroom were established in Chang Shing Elementary School (Pingtung), and learning locations were set up within Pingtung County. With the help of professors from National Kaohsiung Normal University, these facilities are being used to train natural science teachers in Pingtung County.


Kangaroo Plan

For the fourth year in 2022, we keep to cooperate with the Center of Care Services for Rural Area Education in Taiwan, Fu Jen Catholic University to improve the quality of teaching and learning of rural tutoring. Provided in-person tutoring provided to 393 students at Master and Servant Care Station of Dayuan Catholic Church in Taoyuan, Tayu Catholic Church in Hualien County, Yuli Bookstore, Sanduo Elementary School, Fu-Hsing School of Martial Arts in Miaoli, Quaker Shulin Church, Church of St. Joseph in Wufeng, Taichung City and Incarnate Word Church in Taichung City. 67 local teacher volunteers assisted with the tutoring.


Compal Reading Volunteer Program 

In 2022, Compal continues the 15th year "Compal Reading Volunteer Program" to promote reading education in rural areas. Combining 311 university students from 10 student clubs provided 497 hours of teamwork, self-growth, environmental and reading education curriculum to 1,091 schoolchildren.

Compal Sunshine Scholarship 

Compal has been sponsoring students with face burns of high school education and above with their computer studies through "Compal Sunshine Scholarship about 24 years." The scholarship was created in cooperation with the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation and was intended to help burn victims develop self-sustaining skills. Awarded to 192 students with excellent computer skills so far.

Hsu Chauing Scholarship 
The scholarship program was launched to encourage children of new immigrants in their studies amidst the harsh environment. A total of 178 schoolchildren received scholarships and bursaries
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