Social Engagement

Compal, in the spirit of humanitarianism, provides caring support and timely assistance to disadvantaged groups and international disaster relief. Employees would  voluntarily mobilize themselves from time to time to visit children's homes and nursing homes, where they extend care for the residents.
Donation in Kind
In 2022, Compal donated 79 Apache handheld wireless ultrasound units made by Aco Healthcare Co. to rural health services. Innovative technology was used to look after indigenous and island communities. And donated 250 wireless desk lamps through to help 250 students in the Taoyuan and Pingtung regions with their studies. The donation of wireless desk lamps helped poor students combat the threat to health and eyesight posed by poorly lit reading environments at home.
Hold a Charity Fair
In 2021, we hold the "Little Potters ~ Achievements Charity Fair and Love Zero Distance" public welfare activity to support the social care actions of the Hsu Chauing Social Welfare &Charity Foundation to help the disadvantaged in remote villages and emergency relief, and transfer the disadvantaged children's art created by the Hsu Chauing Social Welfare & Charity Foundation. Wenban's pottery works were exhibited at Compal and sold for charity. All proceeds from the charity sale all donated to Then-Tou Elementary School "Maker Education". A total of 20 colleagues participated in the sponsorship of the event.