2023 ICT Industry ESG Forum - COMPAL's "ONE+N Electronic Supply Chain Net-Zero Acceleration Program

2023 / 05/ 17

COMPAL is committed to promote the 2050 net-zero goal. Our "ONE+N Electronic Industry Supply Chain Net-Zero Acceleration Plan" was approved by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. COMPAL, together with other electronic and information enterprises, promotes low-carbon and smart upgrading of the manufacturing industry in the way of leading the small enterprises to accelerate the low-carbon transformation in the supply chain and strengthen international competitiveness.

5/16(Tue) Vice CSO Andy Lee attended the "2023 ICT Industry ESG Forum". On behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Vice Minister Lin Chuan-Neng joined hands with Acer, Asus, Dell, Gigabyte, HP, Microsoft, and other electronic and information technology brands, as well as nearly 20 domestic and international supply chain corporations including COMPAL, Hon Hai, Quanta, Pegatron, Wistron, Inventec, Lite-On, TEEMA (Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association), TCA (Taipei Computer Association), and III (Information Industry Council) to jointly vowed to move towards the goal of net-zero transformation in 2050 and reduce carbon emissions. This can continue to promote Taiwan to become the key player in the global ICT industry.


The conference invited international brands such as Dell, HP, Acer, and ASUS to share their experiences in carbon reduction, and industry and academic experts such as Microsoft, Anhou Jianye, Taiwan Inspection Technology, Dongjie Technology, AUO Yupei, YungShun Intelligence, Snapdragon, Evonik Valley, National Taiwan Institute of Economics, and National Cheng Kung University to share their knowledge in international carbon reduction trends, scientific verification, product design, digital management platforms, and carbon inventory tools to help Taiwan to help the industry understand their carbon emissions, so that they can formulate carbon reduction measures. This can help ICT industry in Taiwan grasp the demands and practices of the international industrial supply chain. In addition, through its many years of experience in promoting digitalization in the industry, the IISI has also developed an exchange mechanism for digital trust and carbon reduction to help supply chain and carbon inventory tool operators to cooperate and apply them.

With the new global net-zero development, the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) will assist manufacturers to conduct carbon inventories and establish phased carbon-reduction targets. The "Ministry of Economic Affairs Promoting the Upgrading and Restructuring of Industries and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)" published on the website of the Center for Industrial Competitiveness was also featured at the conference. The program is open for application. Businesses are welcomed to submit the application to accelerate low-carbon transformation and enhance global competitiveness.


Nesw https://www.moea.gov.tw/Mns/populace/news/News.aspx?kind=1&menu_id=40&news_id=108748