Compal employees conducted volunteer services in Taoyuan and Bali

2023 / 05/ 01

< Compal Volunteer Club employees and children happy group photo< From the right in the photo: Hank Lin/President of Compal Volunteer Association, and Sun Junguo/ Principal of Dingshe Elementary School >   

Compal volunteers held the first holiday community service of 2023 at Dingshe National Primary School on March 18 to introduce the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs) to primary students. It allowed participating students to understand the importance to achieve sustainable development goals, and explore what can be done to achieve sustainability of earth, mankind and other living things. In addition, they could learn the importance of maintaining biodiversity, protecting native species, and jointly implementing SDG 13 climate action, facing the ecological impact of global climate anomalies.     

On April 8, the volunteer club and the guitar club went to Bali Correctional Home. More than a year later, they once again spent a lovely weekend afternoon with students and teachers with their singing and companionship. They shared their life experiences during the epidemic, and blessed for peace and happiness for each other.