COMPAL’s 63 Green Actions in response to the 2023 “Invest in Our Planet” initiative

2023 / 04/ 24

In 2023, Compal once again invites employees with 63 green actions to independently respond to the "Millions Green Actions - Investing in the Earth, Nature is Good" campaign launched by the Taiwan Environmental Information Association on Earth Day in Taiwan. The 2023 Earth Day Network (Earth Day Network) headquarters continues to use the theme of "Invest in our planet" to call on all walks of life to take climate action.

2023 Earth Day ~ Compal Sustainable Green Action, 8,137 Compal colleagues have pledged their personal green actions together!

Continue to encourage colleagues to try the 63 action commitments and respond to "Investing in Our Planet" together.

Compal has 63 green actions in four categories: protection of natural ecology, personal health and energy conservation, natural energy conservation in daily life, and learning to invest in the earth.

Encourage colleagues to establish green energy living habits, change the way of treating the environment, and protect the earth with actions.
Response to protect nature ~ green life action - I can!
Respond to the energy saving and carbon reduction green action - I can!

Taiwan Earth Day: