Compal responded to and sponsored the Third Neihu Science Park Cup Charity Road Race

2023 / 04/ 21

COMPAL sponsored the "Taipei Science and Technology Cup Love Earth Charity Road Run" event in Neihu Science Park for three consecutive years. On April 16, the third road run event was held at Dazhi Meidi Riverside Park. About 9,000 people signed up for the competition. This time, a total of 60 Compal colleagues formed the Compal Charity Road Race 10K representative team, and Tsai Dui, an independent director and his wife, also signed up to respond.


In 2020, COMPAL began to promote the "Compal Health and Public Welfare" project, paying attention to the health management of colleagues, encouraging colleagues to develop regular exercise habits after work, and actively participating in various community care and social welfare activities. This time, the smart floor mat product of Shenbao Medical, a subsidiary of COMPAL, also provided free exercise experience for the public at the road running event, introducing new options for exercise.


Since March, colleagues of the Compal road running team have arranged to warm up and run together every Tuesday and Thursday after get off work, and colleagues who cannot participate in group training
We also practice autonomously. Director Tsai Dui also shared his experience after the race: "...I have turned 75 years old this year, and I run for an hour (8-9 kilometers) every day without stopping. Even if it is the Saturday before the Sunday road run with everyone, Or the week after the public welfare road run Monday, this (Tuesday) morning is also a one-hour road run. My intuition is that maintaining these habits has benefited me as follows:
Direct benefits to the body : Immunity is improved, no influenza, or Covid-19, or common cold and fever for more than 20 years;There are no symptoms of three highs in the body.
Mind benefits : Perseverance, positive thinking, removal of troubles. ...".
It's now, let's develop a good habit of exercising every day, let's work hard together!


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