Compal responds to the Taoyuan 2050 Net Zero Carbon Reduction Conference

2023 / 03/ 31

On March 29, 2023, the Taoyuan Municipal Government and the National Federation of Nationalities held the "1st Taoyuan Net Zero Carbon Reduction Conference: Taoyuan Race to Zero". Taoyuan Mayor Chang San-Cheng =announced the Taoyuan's 2050 net zero goal and strategic direction, as well as the 2030 50% reduction target. At the event, major relevant enterprises in the jurisdiction were also invited to cooperate with government to jointly respond to the United Nations net zero emission goals. COMPAL has always committed itself to undertake social responsibilities, and actively formulates carbon reduction targets recent years. Taoyuan is COMPAL's main manufacturing center in Taiwan, and Deputy General Manager Wang Cheng-Qiang, acting as sustainability head, was invited to attend today, representing COMPAL to respond to the Taoyuan Municipal Government's net-zero carbon reduction policy, and will continue to take actions in the future to cooperate with the government, upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry to actively carry out low-carbon transformation.

According to the Taoyuan Environmental Protection Bureau, the net-zero target stems from the commitments of COP26 (COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference), and Taiwan is also actively following the international footsteps, and amended the Climate Change Response Law in February this year, leading counties and cities to work together towards the 2050 net-zero goal and implement operations mitigation and adaptation caused by climate change. Taoyuan's carbon emission structure over the years has been dominated by industry, with an industrial output value of nearly 3 trillion, ranking first in Taiwan, but the ensuing carbon reduction challenges are more severe. In the future, the first step is to prioritize industrial transformation and transform high-carbon emission fuels into clean fuels. The second step is to implement green transport policies. The third step is to continue to develop renewable energy on the basis of national energy stability, and cooperate with energy storage equipment subsidies to stabilize the supply and demand of green energy. This net-zero carbon reduction conference invites enterprises to work with Taoyuan City to respond to the 2050 Taoyuan Race To Zero call. Net zero is not a goal to achieve simply with the municipal government's hard work, but with the cooperation between enterprises and the city government after understanding the needs of citizens and enterprises.

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