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To maintain own rights and interests, stakeholders make communicate with and make recommendations for this Company. At Compal, we have established channels and responsible staff for well communication to listen and respond to the needs of stakeholders. Should you have any recommendations or questions, welcome to contact our communication windows below:

ESG communication window
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Stakeholder grievance window
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Employee Overview

To Compal, “talents” are the epitome of intellectual property. By inculcating the ideas “delegation, responsibility, and accountability” in employees, Chairman Rock Hsu puts the talents in the most suitable posts for them to demonstrate their talent. Therefore, trust and delegation are the two key features in Compal’s corporate culture, and care for employees is the prime goal of our routine management. Furthermore, apart from developing the potential for career development through teamwork, we spare no effort to build a quality work environment for employees to achieve an optimal balance between work and daily life.

Labor Policy

Compal abides local laws and regulations in all countries and regions where we operate, also upholds the human rights of all employees of Compal. We respect the human and labor rights of our employees by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Ten Principles of The United Nations Global Compact. We also align our actions with the RBA and its Code of Conduct.

1. Ensure the interests of our customers, stakeholder, and employees and the harmony relationships among them.

2. Comply with the national laws and regulations.

3. Commit to protect the labor rights, eliminate any form of forced labor, support free choice in occupation, recruit no child labor, and give our employees a fair and humane treatment and freedom of association.

4. In accordance with the overall economic trends, continuously do the assessment and improvement, and adjust the working conditions.

5. Establish good channels of communication, and convey our labor policies to our employees, suppliers, and related organizations.

Employee welfare

We survey the salary level of the same industry every year to establish a fair and competitive compensation system. We also distribute differential performance bonuses to employees with respect to our business performance and the substantial contribution of employees. Take Taiwan for example. In addition to the monthly salary and allowances for major folk festivals, we offer various incentives to employees, such as patent rewards, performance rewards, and employee profit sharing.
In addition to job contents, the pay grade is determined based on the competencies, education, work experience, and professional knowledge of employees. The start point will remain the same regardless of gender, religion, political affiliation, and marital status. With respect to the laws and regulations in Taiwan, we arrange insurance for newcomers right from their arrival, including the Labor Insurance, the National Health Insurance, the pension under the Labor Pension Act etc.
Apart from establishing the Employee Welfare Committee to provide employees with the basic regulatory benefits, we offer comprehensive benefits for employees and their family to feel our concerns and care for each employee. These benefits include health examinations, grants and scholarships for employees and their children, club activities, department gatherings, domestic and overseas travels, and vouchers on major folk festivals.
Besides abiding by the laws and regulations in relation to the Labor Insurance, the National Health Insurance, and employee safety, we offer:

- Diet planning: Establish employee cafeterias to provide employees with health-promoting dietary care.

- Exercise and leisure centers: Provide employees with venues for club activities, exercise, and gatherings.

- Communication/art/health talks: Organize from time to time health talks, spiritual communication talks, and music/art performances for employees to relieve stress.

- Ballgames and outdoor competitions: Organize competitions for softball, basketballs, dodge ball, car racing, and paintball.

Retirement system

To arrange retirement for employees, the Company has issued regulations of labor retirement, which stipulate the conditions and standards for retirement, application, as well as operation of labor Pension Preparation Fund based on law. A supervisory committee for the workers’ retirement preparation fund has also been established. According to the Regulations for the Allocation and Management for the Pension Preparation Fund, we contribute and deposit labor pension preparation funds into the dedicated account of the Bank of Taiwan per month to protect employees’ rights. In accordance with the Labor pension Act, we have contributed 6% pension into personal account for befitted employees. Also, for those who volunteered to contribute pension, voluntary withholding rate is deducted from the employees’ monthly wage to the individual retirement account of the Labor Insurance Bureau since 1st July in 2005.

Employee Code of Conduct

While the conduct of employees will affect the organization where they work and its goodwill, it is the responsibility and obligation for employees to maximize and prevent the damage of organizational interests by law.
We have thus established the ”Employee Code of Conduct” for the reference of employees to engage in their work and to maintain the assets, rights and interests, and market presence of Compal in terms of law and ethics.

Ethical Management Policy

1. Comply with the national laws and regulations.

2. Ensure the rights of employees, customers, stockholders, suppliers, community and related organizations.

3. Insist on business honesty, the principles of fair trade, advertising and competition, no improper advantage and disclose information, respect for intellectual property right, protect privacy and identify, non-retaliation and be responsible sourcing of minerals.

4. Continuously improve, implement and outreach the Ethics policy to related organizations.

Apart from the ethical management policy, we have specifically established the Human Resources Management Regulations and the Code of Employee Conduct for stakeholders to understand the due ethical standard, code of conduct, and the business ethics employees should uphold while carrying out their work. Ethics covers business integrity, no improper advantages, disclosure of information, intellectual property, fair trade and advertising, protection of identity and privacy, and elimination of retaliation. In addition, employees are requested to sign the “Non-Disclosure Agreement, NDA” on their arrivals to declare their consent to abide by the organizational regulations, human resources management regulations, and the NDA, in order to earn public trust and to establish an organization that uses ethical management.

We have also set the “Ethics Officer” grievance mailbox for employees to directly report unethical practices to the email of the regional top officer and chief auditor, in order to prevent law-breaking events and offences of professional ethics or corruption to ensure Compal’s sustainable growth and development.

Employee Communication

At Compal, labor-management relations have always been an important issue. Apart from unblocked communication channels within the organization to immediately respond to and process the ideas and opinions of employees, we spare no effort to maintain the rights and interests of employees. We have established various policies to include and protect the rights and interests of employees. To enhance two-way labor-management communication, we have developed the following communication channels:

1. Employees suggestion boxes: A channel for employees to reflect problems and opinions, such as the “I Have A Dream Box” of the R&D unit, the “Employee Welfare Box” of the EWC, and the “Care for Employee Box” and “Voice of Employee Box” of plants in Mainland China.

2. Living Care Committee for plants in mainland China: The Living Care Committee is formed by representatives of each department. It holds a committee meeting at least once a month to review affairs in relation to employee activities. The committee has also established the “LCC Box” for employees to report problems. In addition, we have established the WeChat corporate account, Sunshine Home, and care helpline to provide employees with counseling services.

3. We establish the employee relations unit or the employee communication officer to handle employee communication and assistance.

4. We implement the employee satisfaction survey to discern employee needs. In mainland China, we conduct quarterly surveys on employee diets, dormitories, and transportation.

5. We promote the management by wandering around (MBWA) to request officers to walk into the field to understand the problems employees face or interview employees to achieve two-way communication.

Talent Cultivation and Development

At Compal, talents are cultivated in response to the overall organizational strategy and human resources deployment to address the development of the organizational framework and visions. Based on the operational strategy and organizational development in line with the key competencies, we enhance the management competency of officers of all levels, talent cultivation, and organizational development.

In addition to systematically planning employee training and development, we divided our competency development into nine programs covering fundamental training, professional skill training, and officer management training based on the program-based concept and the need for competency development. By building a comprehensive leaning and development system and offering diversified learning channels, we cultivate and improve employee competencies to deal with the diversification of industrial development and organizational deployment.

Long-term talent development is another focus of Compal. Apart from establishing employee-specific career development plans based on individual needs, we improve the professional competencies and accelerate the self-growth of employees according to the defined development goals and systematic learning process for them to make continual contribution to Compal.

Workplace Safety

Working Space

Yearly fire inspection and filing of the constructions.
Daily patrol and regular maintenance of the machine systems and equipment.
Regular cleaning of the working place


Entry access control of the staffs.
24 hours patrol and supervision by security guards.
Yearly training and practice of emergency response measures.

Employee contact window:

Customer Relations

We have sales locations across Europe, the USA, and Asia and set up service centers in major sales regions. We establish service centers, participate in events organized by customers, provide customers with safe and quality products, complete and correct product information, and make immediate response to and take timely action for customer complaints, or make adjustments according to customer needs.

The Company has always been protective toward customer secrecy. Firewalls are in place to protect the exchange of confidential information among customers, teams, office areas and factories. A specialized team has been assembled to monitor the security of network information from time to time for the protection of customers' interests. Meanwhile, all employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement that prohibits them from openly discussing customers' details. It is the organization's goal to provide customers with well thought out, comprehensive service network and secure protection anywhere in the world. There had been no violation of law concerning the offering and use of products or services.

We have won numerous outstanding supplier award from customers, such as the Supplier's Excellence Award from NEC, the Best Supplier's Excellence Award and Best Partnership Award from Toshiba, and so on. In 2018, we were awarded the Perfect Quality Award from Lenovo.

Customer communication window:

Quality Policy

In the pursuit of constant improvement and increased customer satisfaction. We commit to:

1. Implement management that responds to customer requirements.
2. Consistently provide innovative products that create a Competitive Advantage.

Quality Certification

Supplier Relations

To raise the awareness and practice ESG, including labor, health and safety, environmental responsibility, management systems, and ethics, the five major topics specified in the Code of Conduct of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). In addition, we provide suppliers with questionnaires for self-assessment for them to understand the implications and requirements of RBA and the opportunities for improvement.

In human rights, we clearly express to suppliers our rejection to the use metals made with conflict minerals obtained from armed conflicts, illegal mining, and poor work environments. In also request suppliers to ensure no conflict minerals are contained in products supplied to Compal. Through the self-discipline of the entire supply chain, we hope to make positive response to the “conflict minerals” topic.

We promote energy conservation and emissions reduction to suppliers through own experiments, hoping to help suppliers implement “energy conservation and emissions reduction” in real action. We also urge suppliers to care about global warming for the continual improvement of our green supply chain toward high-standard development.

Supplier communication window:

Investor Relations

We have established the Investor Relations Division to handle recommendations from shareholders (investors), act as the coordinator between management and investors, and organize regular and irregular investor conferences for investors to fully understand the operational achievements and long-term business direction of Compal. Shareholders can make recommendations for organizational management or business operations to the management team or board of directors through the following channels:

Regular investor conference
Annual general meetings of shareholders or provisional meetings of shareholders
IR website/IR mailbox/phone

The IR department will gather the concrete recommendations of shareholders and refer them to the management team/board of directors for the reference of business operations. In addition, we will continue to report our business performance, make timely and opportune effectively communication with stakeholders, and maintain the integrity, timeliness, accuracy, and transparency of information disclosures at all times.

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