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Intelligence Empowered

At Compal, we are not just innovators, we are skilled craftspeople. Working together, we can bring solutions to problems and help turn your ideas into competitive products - no matter how complex the process may seem. Here's how:

Skilled Engineering

We take great pride in our reputation as one of the premier, world-class R&D organizations. Our engineering teams are hand-selected for their ability to take on any challenge, no matter the complexity. We partner with you to see that your product reaches the market with esteemed quality and competitiveness.

Excellence in Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art production practices have been refined over the past 30 years. Products are meticulously tested at every stage of the production process to ensure compliance to the industry's rigorous quality standards. We deliver products for the largest, most innovative companies in the world who have very high standards and requirements.

Cutting Edge Concept Development

We collaborate with technology partners across many industries to stay on the cutting edge of trends. So when you come to us with an idea, our skilled R&D teams can collaborate with you to create a solution with maximum customer appeal.

Experienced Design Creation

Partners look to Compal to help them create award winning product designs. Our experience design teams are uniquely qualified to partner with you to optimize aesthetics, usability, and design for manufacturing - including the production of prototypes. And if you are not quite sure what you want, we have a portfolio of speculative products or can custom design a product proposal for you.

industry expertise

Whether you're an aspiring IT startup or a Fortune 500 company, Compal can design to suit your needs across a full range of technologies. We are constantly examining industry trends, and we use our knowledge to create the next generation of innovative products. Take a look, and see how we might partner.

Laptop & Desktop PC's

In a segment of the market often dismissed at the commoditized, Compal strives to create differentiated products. As one of the world’s largest ODM and certified Amazon Alexa Voice Solutions provider for PCs, Compal is behind the most innovative PCs introduced in recent years. Our aspirational designs boast time tested durability, thermal management – while setting new standards for thin and light.


The Internet of Things is the next Industrial Revolution with significant repercussions across the businesses and our day-to-day lives. Compal’s robust experience across the ecosystem fueled our partnerships with a number of companies specialize in communications transfer, sensors, software, and other key components of IoT. Our R&D experts offer top-notch, comprehensive and customized support for your projects from end-to-end.


A wearable device is perhaps one of the most personal of all. At Compal, we have been monitoring the evolution of wearable technology, to understand how the market is changing to meet today's digital lifestyles. Our experience in delivering wearables for some of the top brands means we understand the craftsmanship and detail needed to create a desirable personal device.


The phone has been at the epicenter of innovation for a decade. At Compal, we believe it's more than a game of features or cost. Our designs draw on extensive human factors research, combined with the insights we derive from our IoT business. We can help design and produce the right phone for your customer's needs and your target market with the best possible quality.


In no other vertical are the benefits of technology as demonstrable as we see in healthcare. Our expertise in IoT makes us uniquely qualified to build a medical ecosystem based on data and analytics. We are here to help you design breakthrough solutions that will not just grow your business, but also humanize your solutions to improve lives.

Auto Electronics

Safety and reliability are paramount when it comes to automotive components. Our team has decades of experience in the industry, and understands the rigorous testing, certifications and quality standards required for success. The smart car is the car of today; we are the partner who can help you take your technology into the next generation of automotive designs.


Servers power the future of IT, from cloud to big data to IoT. We know that a server must meet rigorous standards of reliability with performance and we love this challenge. That's why we built an industry-top testing facility. Our design teams stay on the cutting edge of enterprise technology, and have a vision for how this critical piece of equipment will advance to meet what's in store.

Smart Display

The smart display experience has come into its own, and today's consumer expects nothing less than seamlessness. From monitors to projectors to smart TV's, Compal understands how to design and implement an entertainment platform for the future. And our long-term partnerships with established TV providers means we understand rigorous quality assurance.


Connectivity is the centerpiece of technological transformation of our time. This is why we provide high-quality fixed and mobile broadband access, wireless solutions and multimedia applications for home users. As the leading manufacturer of broadband CPEs, Compal utilizes decades of accumulated network and resources to provide innovative solutions for our customers with an emphasis on complete design integration.