why compal

our vision

We are in the business of collaborative innovation and making those ideas happen. Let Compal's forward-thinking mindset, rich experience and 43,000 professionals worldwide power your journey to delivering innovative results quickly, with the highest levels of quality.

passion for challenges

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of notebook PCs, smart devices, data center equipment and LCD products, we take pride in bringing breakthrough design concepts to life with world class R&D, manufacturing and supply chain management. Innovation is in our DNA and no challenge is too big for our award winning design teams. Unparalleled experience across a broad range of technologies translates into your project being delivered with the highest design integrity and quality.

Innovation in Design

Our portfolio of numerous patents and a world class team of thousands of designers and engineers allows us to challenge the boundaries of design and technological limitations. We believe that a intense focus on the fine details is what transforms products from good to great. That's why the iF World Design Guide have named Compal the 18th most creative company in their 2018 iF Creative Ranking.

Excellence in Manufacturing

We realize that every product we build is representative of your brand. This is why from state of the art automation to strict quality controls, we dedicate ourselves to delivering world class standards. Our strong record of scalability with the highest levels of intellectual property ethics, on-time delivery and process innovation sets us apart from others. And it's why we consistently score high in our customer satisfaction surveys.

More than Design and Manufacturing

If you are exploring anything from new product concepts to totally realigning your supply chain, our teams can collaborate with you at every stage. Through ideation, concept and market validation, prototyping and all the way through mass production of thousands or millions of units, our teams' vast experience can be utilized to augment your organizations capabilities in various ways.

A Partner for the Future

We believe that a manufacturer has a responsibility to push society forward. That means staying ahead of changing market conditions and customer demands, in order to get the best product to your customers in the shortest amount of time, and at the right cost. Compal's own user behavior studies and portfolio of numerous patents give us the power to lead. It's no wonder that CommonWealth Magazine ranked us in the Top 10 of 2000 Best Manufacturers in 2013.


Compal is honored to have received numerous recognitions from industries, governments and clients around the world.