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Compal’s Application of IoT Turn Smart TVs into Smart Homes

Although smart devices have transformed consumers’ behavior considerably and rendered some products obsolete, TV remains the focus of most homes. Yet, today’s consumers demand more than a traditional TV. They expect a home theater experience that is totally seamless. From monitors, to projectors to Smart TVs, Compal understands how to design a perfect home theater and how to target the right audience. Through our content-driven mindset and investment in retail distribution, Compal delivers not only Smart TVs but a Smart Home that surpasses expectations and give your business a competitive edge.

Our Paradigm Prioritizes On-Demand Programming for Smart TVs

Compal understands that in today’s market content drives hardware. Consumers gravitate towards on-demand programs like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu. All of our Smart TVs are designed with this in mind.  We combined the easy to use Google TV platform and Google Chromecast into a Smart TV with a complete content provided eco-system.  With a content-driven mindset and a strong working relationship with Google we are here to help you design and manufacture smarter TV’s that meet consumers’ demand for a seamless home theater experience.

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Smart Home Not Just Smart TVs

Compal envisions Smart TVs as one step on the path to a more advanced smart home. We recognized the opportunity presented by working with one of the top Japanese brands and moved our former director of IoT and wearables to head the department. The application of IoT methods from other industries allowed Compal to bring new technologies and insights into Smart TVs. Our software partnership with Google Chromecast made designing a Smart TV app easy. The Google Android platform enables users to overcome existing barriers to interoperability, creating a true Smart Home environment. Our strategy incorporates all electronic devices into one platform that users can seamlessly control through their computers, phones or tablets.

The Best Partner for Retail Distribution

In addition to designing and manufacturing Smart TVs, Compal has built up a team of experts with experience in marketing and distribution to help increase brand awareness and sell products in various markets. We invest a lot of time and energy into cultivating relationships with distribution partners and educating retailers on the key characteristics of products. At Compal, our investment in retail distribution will guarantee that your products hit the right target audience at the right time and in the right place.