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Teaming with HP to Deliver Spectre, the World’s Thinnest Artisan Ultrabook

Since its inception in 1935, HP has been one of the industry leaders in PCs. For their latest groundbreaking product, HP teamed with Compal to design and manufacture the thinnest laptop ever built with the world’s first piston hinge and hyperbaric cooling system.

Spirit for Design and Passion for Innovation
- The Piston Hinge

Compal believes the most challenging projects can also be the most rewarding. Designing the first piston hinge presented a number of technical obstacles. The hinge needed to be frictionless and soundless with the durability to open and close countless times. We spent our time thinking about how to make the hinge work instead of all the ways it could fail. As a result, after over 50 tests Compal achieved the first piston hinge in the ultrabook market.

HP Laptop

Refusing to Compromise Speed
for Size

The trend in ultrabooks is thin, light, and powerful. However, it takes years of experience and knowledge to find the right design required to meet the performance needs of the world’s thinnest laptop.

Compal developed a rightful technical solution to fit HP’s objective. We created the first hyperbaric cooling chamber to allow for faster processing speed rather than sacrificing performance for lower temperatures. Instead of the traditional heat pipe design, our revolutionary cooling system funnels cold air over the processers while fanning hot air out. The Spectre offers more power than many competitors and a slimmer, sleeker design.

Working Side-by-Side to Make Your Vision a Reality

Compal takes pride in its ability to work as a team player. Our R&D and design experts are always by your side to solve the most difficult technical problems. During the development of Spectre we even traveled to HP headquarters in the US. Our engineers quickly validated new concepts which increased overall efficiency and seamlessly integrated design ideas into a workable model. Teamwork between Compal and HP resulted in a groundbreaking product that received both internal awards and widespread market recognition. Collaborations like this allow us to place an emphasis on long-term relationships that last for years.