Social Care - Influence

Compal Social Inclusion Vision: Create a society of “new happiness”through a “caring” enterprise by leverage the spirit of compassionand energy in every Compal employee.
To promote the four major aspects of "innovation & quality education", "diversity & social care", "sustainability & talent cultivation", and "environmental & marine conservation", Compal continues to consolidate its internal and external core capabilities and resources in support of the " Hsu Chauing Social Welfare Charity Foundation " to invest in improving education in rural areas and caring for the disadvantaged. Consolidating the "corporate care" of the group's subsidiaries, affiliated companies, customers, and supply chains, Compal has completed the mission of sustainable development: "Take it from society, and use it in society". Compal not only promotes various local care activities by combining the initial charitable intentions of its colleagues but also provides assistance to the disadvantaged groups in society by gathering the soulish happiness of its colleagues. In addition, Compal encourages its colleagues to voluntarily engage in volunteer services, carry out the vision of creating a happy society through corporate power, and promote a peaceful and inclusive society.
Public Welfare Allocation

Updated on July 20, 2023