Green Product

The development of products aligned with world trends, understanding customers' needs, and securing their trust form a key pillar of sustainable development in business. Product design at Compal is based on the concept of “Product Life Cycle.” Environmental impact at every stage of the life cycle from procurement of raw materials, production and manufacturing, transportation and distribution, consumer use through to disposal and recycling are all taken into account. In addition to considering user requirements, functionality, and added value at the start of product design, the R&D team pays particular attention to the “minimization of environmental impact” at every stage during product development and design. Customers also receive assistance on obtaining eco-labels that incorporate life cycle assessment in their respective region. In 2022, a total of 84 mass produced notebook models obtained a variety of environmental marks. 81 products achieved EPEAT 2018 compliance including 44 receiving the gold award, and 26 products passing the Taiwan Green Mark.

Green Design 

Inspired by decades of practical experience, Compal believes that green products must possess three design features: “green materials,”“energy efficiency” and “ease of dis-assembly/re-cycling,” Compal's environment friendly designs have also been aligned with international trends and the needs of its stakeholders and customers to achieve the best eco-effectiveness. Not only that, we have held innovative competitions within the organization to inspire more possibilities through the incentives of cash prizes and honor.