ESG Organization & Goals

Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee
Consists of six members under the appointment of board resolution in 2024. At least half (five) of the members shall be independent directors, and the executive vice president is elected as commissioner by all members. Meetings are to be convened at least once every year, with the commissioner presiding and leading, as well as elaborating on policies and positions externally and defining the objectives and directions internally to integrate resources, review action plans, and supervise promotion of actions. The results are to be reported to the Board of Directors. Communication with stakeholders is to be devised, and engaging responses to expectations, criticism and suggestions in a proper manner.
ESG Office
Assists the Sustainability Committee with managing committee affairs, organizing meetings, tracking the implementation progress and outcomes of the ten implementation teams, planning and implementation of CSR-related activities, and publication of the sustainability report; responding to topics of stakeholder concern. The ESG Office reports to the Sustainability Committee.

ESG Function Team- Innovation, Customer Relationship, Supply Chains, Enviroment, Responsible Manufacturing, Human Resources, Social Participation, Corporate Governance, Information Security, Risk Management.

Ten functional teams were set up based on the four EESG aspects of Economy, Environment, Society, and Governance. The heads of related businesses were also assigned to manage sustainability topics and implement sustainable development actual plans. A meeting is convened every six months to make a report to the Chief Sustainability Officer. The Chief Sustainability Officer then periodically briefs the Sustainability Committee on EESG operations and implementation outcomes.

Corporate social responsibility expectation and commitment 

All businesses engaged in by Compal need to contribute to the overall value chain with a sustainable development attitude. We should focus on enterprise resources, improve efficiency and improve core competitiveness. At the same time, we should take into account the rights of stakeholders and the sustainability of the environment. As the industry leader, we should develop green technology with innovation, solve environmental problems and pay attention to social welfare, give back to the society with a responsible attitude, and bring higher value to stakeholders.

2024 Sustainability Goals

Compal is committed to corporate innovation and development with an emphasis on environmental protection. We look forward to using our power as a business to create a better and more convenient future for society.We actively support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and have incorporated them into our own corporate targets. In addition to strengthening the development of our core business, we hope to make a contribution to the solution of global problems and the sustainable development of all humanitye.


Updated on July 15, 2024