Labor-management Communication

Channels for the Communication of the Employee and Employer
Compal has long implemented a clear communication channel and negotiation mechanism for the purpose of building a positive working environment. We widely take the employees’ suggestions and handle them actively. Compal establishes its policies not only in compliance with the law but addresses employees' interests as well. Compal has implemented the following communication channels to enable two-way communication and better relations between employees and the employer:

Within 24 hours after receiving the complaint, Compal will distribute it to the executive unit under its jurisdiction and submit it to the competent personnel for execution. At the same time, we have also formulated the “Management Procedure Document for Protecting Whistleblowers and Putting an End to Fighting Against Protection” to protect complaints from the threat of retaliation in accordance with the procedure. Please refer to the Employee Code of Conduct, which regulates the whistle-blowing process and the protection of whistleblowers from retaliation.
Employee Code of Conduct of Compal
According to the “Procedure Governing Employees’ Freedom of Association and Rights to Collective Bargaining”, some plants have set up labor negotiation units and scheduling negotiation conferences, which are attended by representatives of labor and management to discuss labor disputes, employee welfare, collective contracts and other related matters. Some plants adopt regular audit and review, and e-mail to discuss matters, so there is no regular physical meeting.
If employees would like to complain about the situation that happened in Compal, such as human resources system, occupation, employee benefits, and forced labor, discrimination, sexual harassment and so on of any unreasonable incidents, they can report via following internal website or e-mail, we commit to the confidentiality and prevent retaliation:

1. Compal's staff information Network website: http://tpewww/Compal/Tpe/adm/empinfo/suggestion.html
2. Contact Window for Staffs:
3. Complaints of Sexual Harassment 
Complaints of Sexual Harassment TEL

Stakeholders of our company can use the following e-mail to complain or report, whether be named or unnamed, will be accepted.

1. For Customers:
2. For Suppliers:
3. For Investors/Shareholders:
4. CSR Office :


Updated on July 21, 2023