Creating the power of sustainable development and fulfilling corporate social responsibility is the mission and long-term commitment of Compal.

Compal sustainability Goal




Compal Sustainability Initiative

Sustainability Video

2023 Compal promotes sustainable supply chain and works with suppliers to accelerate carbon reduction
2023 Compal Blood Donation II
2023 Rehabilitation activities of the Acrostichum Areum
2023 Jinshan Xialiao Beach Cleaning
2023 Compal 10K representative team
2023 "Children's Day Dreams Come True" Activities
2023 Knowing Taiwan's small salamander & celebrate the 38th Women's Day
2022 Compal Pop-up Enterprise Joint Fundraising for Used Shoes
2022 Mangrove Ecological Environment Education Activities
2022 Compal Beach Cleanup Action
2022 Compal's collection of good deeds and warm deeds


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