March 15, 2023
Compal 2022 Financial Results and Earning Distribution

Compal Electronics, Inc. (“Compal”) (TAIEX: 2324) today announced 2022 consolidated financial results. 2022 consolidated revenue was NT$1,073,246 million, -13% YoY. Consolidated OP profit was NT$9,219 million, -31% YoY. Consolidated net profit attributed to the parent company was NT$7,288 million, -42% YoY, and EPS was NT$1.67. Compal Board of Directors today also approved NT$1.2 cash dividends per share for year 2022, representing 72% payout ratio.

4Q22 consolidated revenue was NT$248,706 million, -15% QoQ, impacted by the slower economy and market demand. Given the enhanced product mix and efficiency, as well as the higher contribution of the new business, gross margin was further improved to 4.0% in 4Q22. Consolidated gross profit was NT$9,969 million and operating profit was NT$2,187 million, -3% QoQ. However, consolidated net profit contributed to the parent company was -47% QoQ to NT$1,074 million, due to interests expenses and forex losses at non-operating items. 4Q22 EPS was NT$0.25.

Compal Electronics, Inc.─ Statement of Comprehensive Income (Consolidated)


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